Big Screen Events

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  • Region: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland

Big Screen Events

Watching sport on TV is great fun but there is nothing quite like getting together to watch a sporting event with others. And there's lots of advice on how to do this in the Sports Mission Pack.

Public sports screenings can help the church to move to the centre of the community as well as providing an opportunity for Christ’s followers to live and share their faith.

These events can be done on either a small scale (in a home, local church or community centre) or a large scale (in an indoor/outdoor community venue such as a leisure centre or a green or common).

If you are incorporating a community type gathering with a public sports screening, it’s important to think through how you can make the event family friendly by considering things such as food and competitions.


It is essential you have a TV licence, a TV screen for small screen viewing, or projector and sufficient size screen for larger crowds and a sound system. Usually you are allowed to put on a big-screen event if it is on terrestrial television (BBC/ITV) and you do not charge for your event. If you have any questions about legalities please do email

Make sure everything is working well in advance of the screening to avoid disappointment and disgruntled guests.

You can download the Sports Mission Pack here.