Tips for being a Christian in sport fresher!

Date posted: 03/10/12

Being a Christian in sport at uni is no easy task - nights out, initiations, new club mates - the challenges are real but the opportunities to live and share your faith in your club are massive. Here are 5 top tips to making the most of being a Christian in sport fresher.

1. Fix your eyes on Jesus. Get stuck into a local church as soon as you can (don't shop window for too long!), keep reading your Bible and be  accountable to Christian friends. If you need help finding a church drop the office an email at  

2. Get stuck in to your sports club. Be as committed as you can be - get to training and socials and share your life with those in your club. The Bible calls all Christians to be fully committed to church and to living in the world so as to be distinctive witnesses. Not sure what this looks like? It may be helpful to read 'Play - Being committed to church and committed to sport'.

3. Set boundaries. Know your limits before you go out on socials so that you can live in a manner worthy of the gospel. Have a read of these helpful studies 'Play - Coping with the Drinking Culture' and 'Play - Gossip and Banter'.

4. Train to be a Christian in sport. There are over 40 University Pray Play Say Groups across the UK, where Christian sportspeople meet on a weekly basis to pray for their sports friends, equip themselves to live out and share their faith by studying the Bible and host events for their friends to hear the gospel. Click here to see if there is a group hear you. Check out if there is a Clubhouse near you - an opportunity for sportspeople across your city to meet one evening a year for evangelism training, a talk from the Bible and time to pray and chat.

5. Nail your colours to the mast early. Let people know from the start that you are a Christian. Why not Download the Christians in Sport App and work through
 the 'Say' Bible study sessions. These will help you think through how you can best share your faith and speak about the gospel.