Director's Message: Winter 2017

Date posted: 30/12/16
Director's Message: Winter 2017
But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect. (1 Peter 3 v 15, NIV)

“The reason I go to church on Sunday is that I follow Jesus! Do you ever go
to church?” Those words changed my life.
Gwyon Jenkins was a really good cricketer in the school first eleven, and
he sat by me on the team bus when I’d been chosen at the last minute because they were one player short. Gwyon said those words in response to my time-filling question on the journey home. I had simply asked “What did you do at the weekend?”
“I played cricket on Saturday then I went to church on Sunday,” he said. That
prompted my surprised response: “Why did you do that?” That 18-year-old kept in touch with this 15-year-old for a further six years as I worked out that knowing God through turning and believing in Jesus Christ needed to be the anchor of my life.
My perspective was forever formed by Gwyon Jenkins, who did two things in that schoolboy chat.
First, he said something about the good news of Jesus, then he asked a question requiring some kind of response from a younger fellow sportsman.
This was no threat to me because he was a fellow sportsman! This was my world, the world of sport. He was normal and he was a Christian! He just acted and spoke naturally about his faith in Jesus.
In 1 Peter 3 v 15, we are called to put Christ first, say something of Him and ask questions that we are willing to try and answer, but we must do so with respect.
We could put it this way: live for Christ, tell of Jesus, ask a question and, just like Gwyon, be good at being normal in our world of sport.


Graham Daniels, Cambridge United Football Club
Graham is a director of Cambridge United FC and is General Director of Christians in Sport. He is an associate staff member of St Andrew the Great (StAG) Church, Cambridge