The backroom team who make everything tick

Date posted: 10/03/17

Backroom team


At the heart of every great sports club is a backroom team who makeeverything tick. They are the unsung heroes who wash the kit, mark out the pitch, drive the bus and so much more. Putting it simply, the club couldn’t function without them.

The backroom team at our Sports Plus camps are no different. We are so grateful for all the hard yards they put in behind the scenes to ensure the camps run smoothly.



If you love sport and you love Jesus, there are loads of ways to serve Him at Sports Plus. It is not simply a case of being a leader or a coach. There will be a role to suit your gifts regardless of your age or experience. Here is a little window into the world of our backroom team.

Footballer Jake Smith is part of our Tech Team that bring the camps to life each day on the big screens.

Jake Smith

“My role involves filming and creating videos of the sport that’s played throughout the day as well as running the morning and evening meetings from a tech perspective – whether that be PowerPoint, music or anything else.

“I love serving at Sports Plus because the atmosphere around the camp is unbelievable. I love being able to capture moments of sport and using tech to glorify God and serve Him through that.”

Becky MacDonaldHockey player Becky MacDonald is one of our Support Staff, who fulfil lots of vital roles, such as admin support, childcare, providing water for sport sessions, refreshments and hospitality.

“My role involves making sure the camp runs smoothly behind the scenes and helping the Coaches and Team Leaders do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

“I love serving at Sports Plus because I love Jesus and I love sport and I want to help the young people know how much God cares about them and their sport.”

Naomi Jones, another hockey player, has been on our Medical Team as a physio for the past three years.

Naomi Jones“My role is to look after any young people who get ill or injured while they’re there – and even sometimes the leaders!

 “I love to serve at Sports Plus because it’s an opportunity to help in the world of sport, to share the gospel and see young people thrive within their sport, but also explore their faith.”

Could you see yourself in any of these roles? You’ll be part of a rewarding week as you serve God, the gospel, the young people and fellow leaders.


We’d love to have you on our Sports Plus backroom team this summer. For more information, and to sign up, visit

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