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Date posted: 17/11/17


Hannah Smith


Welcome to the Internship blog. Each month a different Intern will be sharing something of what they’re up to where God has placed them. November’s entry sees Bristol-based Ultimate Frisbee player Hannah Smith pick up the baton...

As part of my role with Christians in Sport this year, I have the privilege of supporting Christian students who play sport at various universities in the South West. These are Bath, Bristol, Plymouth, Exeter and Birmingham.


Most weeks I’ll head to a different university, set up shop in a campus café for the day, and meet up with Christian sportswomen who are members of that university’s group. These one-to-one chats are times of real encouragement as we read God’s word together, pray for their teammates and pray for their own walk of faith.

Hannah SmithDespite early starts (I’m often at the university for their group meeting at 7.30am) university visits are hugely encouraging and it’s clear to see how God is working in many Christian sports players to bring Himself glory. For example, there are three students from the Bath University Christians in Sport group who have become Christians in the last year – praise God! I’ve particularly appreciated the last couple of weeks, as I am now visiting universities for a second time and so can enjoy catching up with the girls about how term has been going since we last met.

Events are another key aspect of the university work. Dodgeball tournaments, sports quizzes and dialogue dinners provide a great opportunity for students to invite their teammates along to hear about Jesus whilst enjoying a top evening together. In the last few weeks both Bristol and Birmingham universities have hosted a Sports Quiz. I was pretty daunted by the idea of hosting a Sports Quiz when I first started the Internship but after some encouragement from my co-host Mike and a pep-talk to myself, I really enjoyed my first quiz in Bristol! There was a terrific atmosphere at both with many non-Christians attending and hearing the gospel as a result.

Hannah SmithRecently, I, along with fellow Interns Jack and Rob, was down in Exeter for a dodgeball tournament. Here there were teams from a wide range of sports clubs and around 30 or so non-Christian sports players were able to hear a short talk about Jesus. My hope and prayer is that these events will have served as catalysts for good conversations about the Christian faith.

Excitingly, a full week of events is on the horizon at Bath University. Running from the 20th to 24th November, it will include daily lunchtime talks as well as evening events run by Christians in Sport. I am particularly excited for the sports quiz on the Monday night, as well as testimonies from double-Olympic rowing medallist Debbie Flood and former professional footballer, Linvoy Primus.  

I’m looking forward to spending the week in Bath myself! I’ll have the chance to meet the friends and teammates of the Bath Christian students not only through the events, but also by staying at one of their houses! During the week I’ll be giving out flyers and setting up for the events, whilst also supporting one or two Dialogue Dinners. These dinners offer a great opportunity for students to discuss Christianity over some food with teammates.

I also plan to jump in one of the Ultimate Frisbee club’s midweek training sessions after encouragement to do so from their mixed team captain and Christians in Sport group leader, Charlie. As well as a fun chance for me to train, we hope that this will prompt questions about why I am there and what we both believe. As a result we hope to invite more of Charlie’s teammates along to the events and to look into the good news of Jesus for themselves!

Hannah Smith


Visiting the Bath University Christians in Sport Group. I'm at the far right on the back row.

I won’t be alone in visiting the university - a number of Christians in Sport staff members and Interns will head down to Bath to help run the events and support Christian sports students in hosting dialogue dinners.

Please join me in praying for this upcoming week at Bath University. Please pray that God would be powerfully at work through it and that lives would be changed as a result. Also pray for those Christians in Sport at Bath, that they would be bold in inviting teammates and in following up with them after the talks.

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