Partner Evenings in focus

Date posted: 27/03/18

Partner Evenings in focus 

Partner Evenings have been fantastic opportunities to praise God for what He has done in the world of sport, domestically and internationally, over many years.

As we begin our next three-year plan, we wanted to bring together as many of those involved in the work as possible to share the encouragements and challenges we face. Eight have taken place across the UK so far, with more in the pipeline.

It has been a privilege to gather together with just some of the many people who contribute to this work. The word ‘Partner’ for us encompasses a whole range of people: from those who give up time to put on evangelistic events in their communities or sacrifice holiday to serve at Sports Plus, individuals who faithfully cover the work in prayer, or who financially enable Christians in Sport to function. Any one of these things is ‘partnering’. We could call it ‘supporting’ but there is more going on than that. We know that we are working in a mission field we can’t reach alone. Only through God’s grace and through other workers in the same harvest field can we really reach the world of sport for Christ together.

Partner Evenings in focus


A wonderful mix of demographics, experiences and passions have been evident at the evenings so far. Take, for example, the prayer partner who has prayed for the sportspeople in their city for over 30 years, being introduced to a local sportsperson who encountered Jesus for the first time just last year. Or for the parent meeting the Team Leader their child spent a week with at Sports Plus and sharing how they are walking with Jesus post-camp. At the heart of each event is a God-filled desire for sportspeople to hear of and know Christ, represented by a large cross section of people who are aiming to do just that.

As we look ahead to the next season of Christians in Sport, we look out on a changing and challenging landscape. Urgency for the gospel to go out to the world of sport is as important as ever. We know we can’t do it alone, we know that God is sovereign over all our plans and so we ask all of our partners to help us realise these plans under Him.

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Partner Evenings in focus


Unfortunately, we aren’t able to get to every corner of the UK but fear not, we have put all the talks online. Each evening, we delved deeper into six focusses of the work in the next three years, specifically looking at:

• International - What does it look like to reach the whole world of sport for Christ?

• Elite - Why do we support elite sport disproportionately to other areas of the work?

• U.K - How do we reach the UK’s 150,000 sports clubs and teams with the gospel?

• Student - How do we sustain a gospel work in an increasingly hostile university environment?

• Youth - What does the future of Sports Plus look like and how can you reach your local youth world of sport for Christ?

• Resources - We can’t have staff in every city or every country of the world. How can our resources can be used all around the world to envision and train sportspeople?

These six talks can be accessed at

The next Partner Evenings are in North East and North West England. Head here for more information.


Jen WarnockJen Warnock, North Oxford Tennis Club
Jen plays tennis for North Oxford TC and is part of Christians in Sport's Development Team. She is a member of St Ebbe's Church, Headington, Oxford