Investing in a vision for Europe

Date posted: 26/07/18

Investing in a vision for Europe 

Having taken place for a third time this month, the European Sports Mission is now a firm fixture in our calendar. It has been a privilege to help train young leaders from across the continent and see God at work. Here’s a snapshot of what it’s all about...


What is the European Sports Mission?

It’s a month-long training school with teaching from a variety of European leaders. We start with two weeks of in depth sports mission training, including skills like explaining the gospel and Bible handling as well as different strategies we can use. There is also specific leadership training in the evenings. The theory is then put into practise when the team serve on mission trips around Europe. This has included camps in Romania, Serbia and Macedonia, coaching in Malta and community sport projects in Portugal. The team then return for a final week of debriefing and future planning.

Who’s it for?

It’s open to 18-25 year-olds from across Europe. Previously we’ve had Brits, Portuguese, Serbians, Romanians, Finnish, Dutch, French, German, Albanian and Turkish young leaders on the mission. It is always a joy to see friendships form across the cultural barriers and see how other Christians are living out their faith in their culture. Some have even visited their friends’ countries to help serve them on other missions.

Investing in a vision for Europe


Why are we involved?

The 18-25 age group is a key window to invest in due to the available time they have and also the community most have around university or further education colleges. It is a great time to invest in leaders before they go off into the wider world. It’s also great to share our resources as a member of the European Christian Sports Union (ECSU).

Where does it take place?

The training facility is at Bobbio Pellice in the Italian Alps. The missions the teams go on are all with our partners from the European Christian Sports Union (ECSU). Some of them would struggle to happen without the ESM leaders. It is a very practical servant leadership as most of the ESM will not be able to speak the language, but what a way to see God at work across Europe.

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