The irresistible environment of Sports Plus

Date posted: 25/08/16
The irresistible environment of Sports Plus
Another summer of Sports Plus comes to an end. Epic!

Over the course of the summer we delivered five residential Sports Plus camps and one non-residential camp in Jersey. In total, they involved 605 young people, 350 leaders and 85 trainees.

John’s gospel was the destination for all talks and Bible studies where the tagline was “Believing in the Real Jesus brings Real Life”. This was a timely series for young sportspeople who are constantly persuaded that the world holds all that life has to offer.

They’re bombarded with counterfeit gods that offer security, popularity, success and satisfaction. But through the gospel of John we saw that “Real Life” is only found by trusting in what Jesus’ death and resurrection achieves for us. It was fabulous to see young people engaging with the theme, asking big questions and grappling to work out what real life looks like for them.

Every year we seek to develop our leaders’ training programme, from the trainee scheme to Bible handling skills, and to look at how we can reach our local sports clubs and teams through our local churches. Sports Plus always provides this opportunity for equipping and envisioning far beyond the week.

 The irresistible environment of Sports Plus


Across the six camps there was a noticeably high standard and application to the sporting programme. High octane coaching sessions, delivered by a team of qualified coaches, provided the right environment for all the young people to progress in their sporting ability. Team Challenge once again proved to be a real highlight with young people pushing themselves in a range of competitive games.

The irresistible environment of Sports Plus


As we celebrate another year of Sports Plus, we’re ever mindful of God’s goodness and grace in providing a brilliant team of leaders and coaches committed to bringing the good news of Jesus to bear on the lives of young people in an irresistible environment of competition and care. 

I can confidently say that every young person was intentionally prayed for, loved and challenged about their response to Jesus…and that’s what made Sports Plus 2016 the irresistible environment we desired it to be. Huge thanks to all the leaders who make this happen. Roll on the summer of 2017!



Ian Lancaster

Ian Lancaster, Alchester Running Club
Ian runs for Alchester Running Club and is UK Co-ordinator for Christians in Sport. He is a member of Magdalen Road Church, Oxford