Blog: Scottish universities mission 2016

Date posted: 21/11/16

Welcome to the Scottish universities mission 2016 blog!

We had a great week on the road, visiting universities across Scotland. Here are all the news, videos, photos and more as we sought to support Christian sportspeople and help them reach out to their teammates and friends with the gospel.

Our team of Dave Hampton, Allen McCluggage, Dave Lawther, Jos Herbert and Jen Harris visited students at Edinburgh, Heriot Watt, St Andrews, Stirling, Dundee, Glasgow and Aberdeen Universities across an action packed week.

Monday, November 21

Here's Hampo to explain what the week is all about...


Today, the team have been encouraging students at Heriot Watt and St Andrews, both in one to one meetings and in groups.

Scotland Mission 2016


Here's Allen (right) catching up with members of the University Group in St Andrews. Dave described the soup and bread lunch as "unreal". Yum!

Elsewhere, Hampo enjoyed an "awesome time" looking at 2 Corinthians 4 v 1-7 with Heriot Watt University Group leader Tom Gall.

This chapter begins: "Therefore, since through God’s mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart. Rather, we have renounced secret and shameful ways;we do not use deception, nor do we distort the word of God. On the contrary, by setting forth the truth plainly we commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience in the sight of God" (NIV). Awesome stuff!

Sports Quiz 2016


Please pray for the Sports Quiz at St Andrews tonight. Pray for lots of fun, a clear gospel message and for many students to want to investigate Jesus further at Dialogue Dinners.

Tuesday, November 22

There are loads of encouragements to report already. We begin with a video message from Allen...


Here's Hampo's report from yesterday...

Day one has been such an encouraging start to the week. It began with the Christians in Sport staff team meeting to pray for all that the week had in store and asking God that Psalm 103 v 3-5 would be the words spoken by new believers this week.

From there the team split with Allen and Dave heading to St Andrews where they joined the university Christians in Sport group lunch, met individually with a number of the group in the afternoon and ran the Sports Quiz in the evening where Allen shared the good news of Jesus.

 Scotland Mission 2016

St Andrews University Sports Quiz

Jos, Jen and I spent the day in Edinburgh meeting up with students from Heriot Watt University and Edinburgh University. We ended the evening helping deliver the Edinburgh University Christians in Sport dinner where 40 university sports playing students came and heard about the feast of heaven and how all must enter through the narrow door in order to enjoy it. 

Amongst many encouragements from the evening one in particular stood out. Last academic year, I helped a Christian called Sean with a Dialogue Dinner for his university football team. It was a good night with a lot of banter but it also felt like hard ground in a lot of the boys' hearts towards the gospel.

One lad in particular was clearly the leader in the team but he seemed disinterested in exploring the claims of Jesus. Fast forward six months to last night, I walk into the room and who is sat on one of the tables.....this same lad (invited this time by a Christian, Lewis, from his course. Sean is currently studying abroad for the year).

Scotland Mission 2016

Edinburgh University dinner

He listened intently as I explained what Christ has achieved and what awaits us all beyond death. After the talk he turns to Lewis and says how he has never heard Christianity explained like that before and follows it by picking up the Luke's gospel in front of him and saying "I think I will take this away and have a read of it". Praise the Lord for the work he is doing in his heart!   

Scotland Mission 2016Hampo and Jos cooking up a storm in Edinburgh

I also had the joy of heading to Loretto School in the early evening where I had dinner with five pupils, all of which play at high level of sport. It was a fantastic time where I was able to share my testimony and explain the life transforming news of Jesus. They engaged in it all and asked super questions about 'the worth' of following Jesus at their age. 

Please pray that God would reap a huge harvest of salvation from both university events and the school dinner last night. Pray that His word will be working deeply in people's hearts and that by His spirit He will open blind eyes and bring people from death to life. 

Please pray for the Christians students we met with yesterday, that they would have been encouraged in their faith and spurred on to continue living and speaking for Jesus amongst their teammates. 

Today, our team have been meeting up with students in Edinburgh, Dundee, St Andrews, Glasgow and Strathclyde universities. In Dundee, Dave shared Matthew 5 and the need to be distinctive for God in the way we play our sport.

Scotland Mission 2016


Jen (left) meets Sarah in Edinburgh, while Hampo (right) catches up with Callum at Strathclyde in Glasgow

Hampo said students at Strathclyde and Glasgow universities were "buzzing" for their dodgeball tournament on Friday. 

Sarah told Jen: "People keep telling me I'm doing too much, but we're talking about the salvation of my teammates here!".

Jen added: "Please keep praying for the lost to be found in Edinburgh and praise be to God for faithful workers here."

Wednesday, November 23

Scotland Mission 2016This morning, Hampo and Jos were suited and booted for a visit to Strathallan School. Hampo spoke at the school chapel service.

He said: "It was great to be there. I was able to preach the gospel and talk about heaven."

The rest of the team began their day meeting students at Stirling University. Do pray for encouraging times there today and for the Sports Quiz taking place at Dundee University tonight.

Dave and Allen began yesterday with the Christians in Sport group at Dundee University before some one to one meetings there and in St Andrews.

Hampo enjoyed some encouraging meetings with University Group leaders in Glasgow where they also prayed for Friday's dodgeball tournament.

He added: "I also met with three different church leaders in Edinburgh, who were passionate and student sports mission."

Jen and Jos meet up with Edinburgh University students and heard of some great gospel conversations that had resulted from Monday night's dinner. They were all spurred on to keep pray, play, saying in their sports.

Scotland Mission 2016

Students praying at this morning's Stirling University Group meeting

Thursday, November 24

While most of the team's time is being spent in Scotland this week, Jos has also been visiting students south of the border in Newcastle. Here's an update from him...


Hampo had a great time meeting the head of Scotland UCCF Peter Dickson this morning.

He said: "Praise God for the work of UCCF in Scotland. Pray that our partnership continues to grow strong and we join together in gospel mission."

Today sees the team visiting Newcastle, Heriot Watt, Aberdeen and Edinburgh Universities. The action concludes with the Aberdeen Sports Quiz. 

There are also loads of highlights to report from yesterday's action.

Hampo said: "Praise the Lord for the new chaplain at Strathallan School. He is a rugby man, played university rugby at St Andrews and Edinburgh and led a Christians in Sport group 20 years ago at St Andrews. He is passionate about making disciples and wants to see the gospel advance in the world of sport!"

"Praise God for the awesome time I've had today catching up with our university group leaders across Scotland.

Scotland Mission 2016

Pictured (clockwise, from top left) are Hampo with Ben, Hampo with Tim, Strathallan School and Hampo with Sam

"I walked the St Andrews sands with Sam, praying for the gospel to bring salvation to university sports players who attended the quiz and praying for more workers to be raised up and sent into the harvest field!

"I rejoiced with Tim about his Dialogue Dinner on Tuesday night with three squash friends where he shared his testimony, looked at the resurrection of Jesus from the Bible and discussed their thoughts and feelings towards Jesus. We also said some big prayers for the Dundee Sports Quiz.

"I finished the day off with Ben at Stirling who is thrilled to see the group grow from two to six regular commitment members who are pray, play, saying together in the university sports clubs. They are already planning evangelistic events for next term!"

Scotland Mission 2016

The Dundee Sports Quiz, with (left) Dave all set to host

Last night saw the Dundee University Sports Quiz.

Dave said: "Great night at the Dundee uni quiz. 16 guests attended and all listened as our Jen absolutely smashed a talk on the claim of Jesus being the Messiah the King. Praise God for how He moved tonight, in particular in two ultimate frisbee lads bringing five of their friends straight from training to the quiz."

Jen added: "A couple of the ultimate frisbee guys also asked to take away an Uncover John, so praise for that!"

Friday, November 25

Day five meant a dark and early start for Dave, but he was still pumped for what lay ahead...

The team have been massively encouraged to see God at work among so many sporty Scottish students.

Hampo said: "I had an amazing time yesterday catching up with Callum White, who was on the Christians in Sport Academy last year! Praise the Lord for the way He has helped Callum start university really well and for how he is using him in the university men's hockey first team. Very encouraging times here at Edinburgh University hockey with a Christian in the men's 1's (Callum) and women's 1's (Sophie).

"Also Praise God for putting James Boyle in the Edinburgh university men's rugby club. He's the first Christian in the rugby club for a number of years and he has started brilliantly for Jesus!"

Scotland Mission 2016

Pictured (clockwise from left): Edinburgh University Group, Hampo meets Callum White and the Aberdeen Sports Quiz

Over in Aberdeen, Jen envisioned University Group from Matthew 9.

Dave said: "We were particularly encouraged by the seven Christians we met with and the many more we now know of who couldn't make it. There are eight ultimate frisbee players who are Christians up here!"

Jen and Dave then teamed up to host the Sports Quiz.

Scotland Mission 2016

Bible time with students in Aberdeen

Today, the team caught up with students at Edinburgh University. Here's Hampo's running commentary!


Afterwards, Hampo said: "Praise the Lord for students in Edinburgh University who are passionate to see their teammates coming under the sound of the gospel."

Later on today, Jen said: "Just had lunch with Moira Watkins in Glasgow, such an encouraging time hearing about the people she's been investing in and the work that God is doing through her!"

Scotland Mission 2016

The winning team (top left) show off their prize in our Glasgow dodgeball montage

A cracking week finished with a dodgeball tournament in Glasgow. Twelve teams entered to create a great atmosphere.

Jen said: "Let's praise God for the 66 people there with about 50 of them being guests. What a night to finish on."