Obituary: Clive Frampton

Date posted: 20/03/17

Clive Frampton


Clive Frampton (centre) and his mother Pauline with Andrew Wingfield Digby at the opening of Frampton House

Clive Frampton, one of Christians in Sport’s long-term supporters, has died aged 73.

A keen rugby player and cricketer in his younger days, Clive succeeded his late father Kenneth, after whom our Bicester office is named, as chairman of the Deo Gloria Trust.

The trust used funds from the Frampton family property business, which Clive went on to run, to support evangelistic initiatives and helped establish Christians in Sport in 1980.

Clive was a faithful friend and a wonderful gospel partner of our work and we are so grateful to God for his service.

Christians in Sport founder Andrew Wingfield Digby, who is a trustee of the Deo Gloria Trust, said: “With the recent death of Clive Frampton, we have lost one of our most faithful and generous supporters.

“I got to know Clive quite well. He was a kind, courteous and generous family man whose entire life was centred on Jesus.

“At his well-attended funeral service at his local church in Purley his brother David, who now chairs the trust, and wife and children testified to Clive's strong Christian leadership of the family. 

“It is true that he told really terrible jokes, but always with a ready smile and a chuckle. Numerous Christian organisations have been blessed and enabled thanks to Clive's faithful continuation of his father's initiative.

“As we continue to pray for his widow, Gwyneth, and children, Mark, Andrew, David and Sarah, let's give thanks for a life well lived in the service of the Master.”


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