Vision casting not programme filling

Date posted: 05/04/17

Vision casting not programme filling


If you love Jesus and your sport, they are two passions you relish putting together. But how do you ensure that sports mission is a way of life and not just one more ‘thing’ your church ‘does’?

That’s a danger Deeside Christian Fellowship leader Dougie Simpson is only too aware of.

“I am really keen not to make sports mission another programme for the church. We do an awful lot of that as it is. I really want people to see that this is just bringing a bit of focus to what they are already doing as Christian sportspeople.”


In the past, the church had mistakenly tried to get people to fit into their programmes rather than seeing where and how they could use their God-given gifts and skills. But filling in a Christians in Sport survey, which highlights the numbers and types of sportspeople in a church, has helped Deeside change that.

The church, which has up to 400 people attending on a Sunday, had 17 sports players aged under 18 and 26 over 18. There were also 15 parents of sportspeople, three coaches and one official.

Vision casting not programme filling
Dougie Simpson being interviewed at Sports Plus Perth

Dougie said: “As a church we have been involved with Christians in Sport for about 11 years. We have run Pray Play Say groups and sent leaders to Sports Plus camps. But we have not really grasped the vision in terms of trying to reach our local world of sport.

“I wanted to find out things like the number of clubs and people playing sport, so that we could get a picture of the local sporting population in Aberdeen. This meant I was able to put Sports Plus into the context of the mission of Christians in Sport locally.”

Dougie said that undertaking the church survey was really helpful in revealing who might be involved in reaching their local world of sport for Christ. Some had previously thought it was only for the younger team players, even though they were active club members themselves.

He added: “We plan to meet together three or four times as a big group. We want to support each other and make people aware that they are not the only one involved in sport.”

With more than 10 million people a week playing competitive sport in the UK, there is a huge mission field on our doorsteps. To reach them, God has put the ball in our court.


Interested in identifying how you can support Christian sportspeople in your church? Contact to request a custom-made survey – see for an example.




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