My Sporting Life: Suthan Selvachandran

Date posted: 05/04/17

My Sporting Life: Suthan Selvachandran


However you are involved in sport, this feature is designed to encourage you as you read of others looking to share the gospel where God has placed them.


Name: Suthan Selvachandran

Age: 45

Where from: Jersey

Church: St Paul’s Church, St Helier, Jersey

Sporting involvement: Cricket umpire

Sporting highlights: Umpiring Jersey versus Middlesex, the vocal Jersey versus Guernsey senior Inter Insular match and international players from the Netherlands when Jersey toured Holland.

Most embarrassing moment in sport?

After the last game of the Holland tour, I decided to join the players on a night out. When it was time to leave, we noticed that the main gate to the ground was locked. The players decided to climb the gate; I decided to take a different route. To cut a long story short, the bus journey into town smelled of pond which only disappeared once my feet, shoes and the bottom half of my trousers dried out!

What encouragements have you seen as a Christian in your sport?

I was standing in a match between Jersey Under 17s and Ireland Under 15s when a player noticed my blue wristband and enquired about it. I mentioned Christians in Sport and an ‘Audience of One’. He immediately said: “I have been to their sports camp! I am disappointed to have missed this year’s one because we are on tour”.

My Sporting Life: Suthan Selvachandran


What do you find tough about living as a Christian in your sport?

My colleagues know I am a Christian and respect my beliefs. To date I have been unsuccessful in getting a table made up of umpires to attend a Christians in Sport quiz night.

How do you look to share the gospel in your sporting role?

I do the necessary pre-match preparations and then find a quiet moment to pray. When I cross the boundary rope, I apply the philosophy ‘What would Christ do?’, which to me is compete as Christ would compete by giving the best of sportsmanship and effort.

What one piece of advice would you give to Christian officials to help them share their faith?

It is really important to uphold your sport’s values. The Christian’s purpose is to show ‘the presence of Christ in sport’, the idea of demonstrating Christ’s presence with us and in us in the sporting competition.




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