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Date posted: 21/06/17

European Sports Mission


More than 20 young leaders from across the continent will head to Italy on 3rd July to kick off the second European Sports Mission.

Starting in the mountains of Bobbio Pellice, the team will receive training in how to share the gospel through sport before getting the chance to put this into practice in different settings.

A four-week summer school, which is supported by Christians in Sport, the European Sports Mission aims to build and nurture leaders of the future. It is our prayer that they will have a big impact for God’s kingdom across the continent.

The team will have two weeks of ReadySetGO sports mission training with teachers from across Europe. This will be a mix of practical and theory, with topics such as Bible handling and evangelism.

After that, the leaders will get stuck into mission, with an itinerary that includes sports camps in Romania and Serbia.

Christians in Sport’s International Co-ordinator Caroline Reid said: “The European Sports Mission is a great way to invest in and train our leaders and give them the scope of global mission, training them amongst their peers from Europe.

“We want to train future leaders together, as brothers and sisters across Europe, to help widen horizons, form partnerships and help spread the gospel in sport.”

In their second week of training, the team will be joined by leaders who took part in the inaugural mission. It has been amazing to see how God used that time and we pray for a similar legacy this year.

Among the many testimonies, the team leader of one of the delegates from Serbia last year said:

“He is totally transformed by the training in Italy, praise the Lord and thank you for your effort.”

We were also really encouraged to see one of last year’s team from Portugal travel to Serbia to help another of the delegates run a KidsGames event. This strategy had never been used before in Serbia and was a great example of how the training should work.

At the end of their 10-day missions, the team will return to Italy for debriefing and to think through how they can use the lessons learnt to proclaim the gospel in their own countries.


Please join us in lifting the European Sports Mission up to our Heavenly Father by following the prayers set out in the first fortnight of the new Prayer Diary.


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