My Sporting Life: Matthew Ward

Date posted: 21/06/17

Matthew Ward


However you are involved in sport, we pray this feature encourages you as you as you read of others looking to share the gospel where God has placed them.


Name: Matthew Ward

Age: 17

Where from: Lincoln

Church: St Peter’s in Eastgate, Lincoln

Sporting involvement: I play in goal for Lindum Hockey Club’s first team

Sporting highlight: My sporting highlight definitely has to be playing against Beeston Hockey Club in the National Cup. Even though we lost 8-0 it was still an amazing experience to play against a team of that standard with a few of their players having international caps.

What is your most embarrassing moment in sport?

I somehow managed to get myself picked to throw shot put for my district at a county competition. After my first throw one of the officials turned around and, in front of the rest of the competitors, said “you’re doing it all wrong”. He then gave me a lesson in how to do it. I then went on to come last by a very big margin.

What encouragements have you seen as a Christian in your sport?

I find that I’m happier playing hockey knowing that the most important thing isn’t whether I lose or win. The most important thing is that I strive to play in a way which honours God.

Matthew WardWhat do you find tough about living as a Christian in your sport?

Most of my teammates are a lot older than me, so I find it quite daunting talking to them about my faith to them and dropping Jesus into my conversations with them.

How do you look to share the gospel in your team?

I get questioned quite a lot by my teammates as they know that my Dad is training to be a vicar. I use this as a way to share my own faith with them and chat to them about what the gospel tells us about Jesus and the amazing things He has done for us.

What one piece of advice would you give to Christian sportspeople to help them share their faith?

If you’re struggling with being able to open up about your faith, I would urge you to pray and ask God to provide some opportunities to have a conversation with a teammate and to give you confidence and the knowledge to answer the questions that they ask.



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