A week in the life of a regional worker

Date posted: 21/06/17

Mike Harris


As we look to reach the world of sport for Christ more effectively, we are seeking to place staff in different regions. Here Mike Harris, our man in Bristol, opens up his diary for us…


The week always begins with a short skype call with all of the Christians in Sport team who work with students around the country, to make sure we are all on the same page and to pray for the work – an important time for all the regional workers. Then it’s time to gear up for the week, praying specifically for Bristol, arranging meetings and preparing for all that’s to come. This week I’m getting a talk ready for Friday’s curry night and making sure invites are going out. Often I might meet a sports player working in the city for lunch, or a church leader on a Monday afternoon to chat about how their church might reach out to local sports clubs.


Being based in Bristol means it’s easy to meet local sports players and church workers whenever it is convenient for them. Whether it’s a Christian sportsperson I’ve never met before or a church leader who is really thinking through how to better support the sportspeople in their congregation to reach their sports friends, it’s just great to be talking together, encouraging one another and working through how to reach the 550 sports clubs in this city. Then I’m on my way and praying that God will use those conversations to help those individuals reach the world of sport for Christ, much the same thing I’m praying for myself and my teammates as I head to Old Redcliffians RFC training in the evening!


Mike Harris



8am and it’s the Bristol University Christians in Sport group meeting. So I’m up and on the bike up the hill to the university, arriving a bit sweatier but with more sleep under my belt than if I’d been travelling from the Bicester office! We’re talking sharing life and the gospel with teammates, and after digging into the Bible together, praying and planning, the students head out to get stuck in – a number are inviting teammates to a curry and quiz night this Friday. Then it’s time to meet with some of the students individually. After a great morning of being encouraged, challenged and provoked by God’s word together it’s back on the bike to check out the curry house venue for Friday evening. How is everywhere in Bristol uphill?


Usually I’d spend a good chunk of time on a Thursday getting in touch with church leaders and sports players in the region, to arrange meetings and to work out how we can support them to reach their local sports clubs. In this final short university term, I’m also spending some good time on the phone with students across the south west who are graduating to help them think ahead to joining an adult sports club to represent Jesus. Another joy of the regional work is to be able to link these graduating students to others and churches we know in their new cities to help them keep going as we seek to reach the 150,000 local sports clubs in this country. I’m looking forward to meeting new graduates joining this mission team in Bristol in September! Evening time and it’s back to Old Reds for training before Saturday’s game.


Mike Harris



Tonight is the curry night with a sports quiz for local sports players in Bristol and I’m giving a talk half-way through to introduce those there to Jesus, so a big focus of the day is preparing for the evening ahead. It’s exciting knowing too that some of my Old Reds teammates are coming along to one of these events for the first time.

Crammed into the small room at the back of the curry house, we have a great time together, and there’s plenty of good conversations for us to be following-up on. I’ll be chatting and praying with the other Christians bringing teammates soon to help this happen!


Mike HarrisSaturday – game day! That's me on the right. Most Saturdays from September to April it’s scrambled eggs, four slices of toast, a banana and off to the ground. Always a highlight of the week, however mixed the results might have been this season!


Sunday nights is church together at Emmanuel City Centre – good times! Back, something to eat and bed - ready to go again.




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Mike HarrisMike Harris, Old Redcliffians RFC
Mike plays rugby for Old Redcliffians RFC and is a Regional Staff Worker for Christians in Sport. He is a member of Emmanuel City Centre Church, Bristol