Director's Message: The season that never ends

Date posted: 28/09/17

Director's Message: Autumn 2017


Late September is the time when summer sports reach the end of their season offering a chance to rest, reflect and start planning next year’s targets.

For winter sports, the season is still young enough for all to dream of success. The season may end formally but in reality we are always in season, using our imagination to plan the next game or the next strategy as we look for that competitive edge.

Whatever the season, it’s great to see Christian sportspeople engaging with their clubs and teams and this edition is full of many examples of that.

Committed sportspeople make the most of all times, whether in or out of season, to improve their skills and compete better. And our competitive nature as Christians in sport means that we can always strive to find ways to pass on the good news of Jesus to our teammates and colleagues, as well as developing plans for our sporting performance.


The early Christian leader Paul ended a letter to Timothy, a young man he was mentoring for leadership, with these words: “I give you this charge: Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season…” There is never an off-season for the good news. Let’s be prepared every day to find ways to pass it on in our world of sport.





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Graham Daniels, Cambridge United Football Club
Graham is a director of Cambridge United FC and is General Director of Christians in Sport. He is an associate staff member of St Andrew the Great (StAG) Church, Cambridge