Back Pages Bite-sized - Autumn 2017

Date posted: 28/09/17

back pages bite-sized autumn 2017

(Clockwise, from top left: Night of Champions at Kingham Hill School; Debbie Flood (left) with fellow chaplain Heather at the World Para Athletics Championships; Jersey beach volleyball tournament; Club La Santa, Lanzarote trip)

Christians in sport are reaching out with the gospel where God has placed them. Here’s a collection of recent stories we hope encourage and inspire you.


When a Dialogue Dinner was suggested at the University Group meeting I was so up for it! A few of the cricket girls had shown a bit of interest in previous conversations so I was keen for them to discuss and ask questions to get them thinking. It went down brilliantly, top night with nice food, good chat and Q&As with staff member Rosie Woodbridge. Following on from that, one of the girls came to church with her flatmate and wants to return after summer. Then a few weeks later another teammate and my course mate came to church, they loved it and became Christians that night!

Libby Piggott, Bath University Cricket Club


I’ve taken a number of teammates to Club La Santa, Lanzarote over the last 10 years, but this was the first time I’d brought players that I coach. Seven of them, and 20 others invited by their Christian teammates, studied and discussed passages from Luke’s gospel, heard it explained, and asked their questions to Graham Daniels. Throw into the mix the amount of time getting to know one another better, and the advantage of being away from the distractions of ‘normal life’, these trips provide a truly unique evangelistic opportunity. As yet none have turned to trust in Jesus, but three want to keep investigating, one has agreed to read the Bible one-to-one next season, and they all want to come again next year.

Craig Larner, Anglia Ruskin University Hockey Club


back pages bite-sized autumn 2017

James Boyle (left) with two friends at the European Champions Cup rugby day

The European Champions Cup final day ran right in the middle of my university exams. I ruled the event out for my teammates as it can often be a stressful time. Dave Hampton challenged me not to make someone else’s decision for them so I asked and was overwhelmed by the response! Six of my teammates were keen to come which was a brilliant opportunity for them to play some rugby, have some food and fellowship, watch a real spectacle but most importantly hear the way to real life through our saviour Jesus Christ. The boys were very provoked by what was said and one took a John’s gospel. I’m so excited to see what God will do as the season starts up again.

James Boyle, Edinburgh University Rugby Club

One day at the European Sports Mission last summer, staff member Dave Hampton said let’s text a friend from our country, asking them ‘do you have time to speak with me about God and look at the Bible?’ I thought when my friend received that message, all that he would say was ‘what are you talking about!’, but he said ‘OK, I’m very interested, I would like to speak with you’. When I came home, we met each other and had some conversations. A couple of months later he gave his life to Christ! So one of the most powerful lessons for me is don’t be ashamed of God and the gospel, just say what you have to say.

Nenad, Serbia

back pages bite-sized autumn 2017

The winning team at Warwick University's dodgeball tournament

To round off the academic year, Warwick University’s Christians in Sport group held a dodgeball tournament as a way of sharing the gospel with our teammates. God was so faithful and we had 48 players in all, with teams representing American football, frisbee, golf and cricket. We had a great talk from Intern Jos Herbert between the group stages and the knockout rounds relating the hope that a sporting upset brings, to that of Jesus Christ and the hope He can bring to our lives. So many people heard the gospel for the first time at this event so please be praying for follow up conversations with Christian teammates, and that God would work in the hearts of those who came.

Jack Shepherd, Warwick University Golf Club


If you are one of our prayer partners, you will know we have been persistently praying for God to raise up Christians on the ATP and WTA pro tennis tours for more than two years. This summer, we stepped out in faith and offered a Bible study on the middle Sunday of Wimbledon for Christians involved in the competition. Over breakfast, a group looked at the rich young ruler from Matthew’s gospel, the man who (nearly) had it all, prayed for the world of tennis and discussed future gatherings. Small beginnings to what we hope will flourish into regular Bible studies at the Grand Slams and the pro tennis world reached for Christ.

Elizabeth Chambers, Performance Team Manager


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