We'll trust God whatever comes our way

Date posted: 28/09/17

YPA Parents story


Former international judo player Paul is supporting his son Sam as he pursues his rugby career. Here he shares what it’s like being a Christian parent in this position.

Sam first played rugby at under 11 level and made a big impact, dominating his opponents!

As he continued to improve, he joined the junior section at Bath and then moved to Bristol, our local club, when he was under 17. He is now playing rugby at University of South Wales, but keeping up his links with Bristol.

For four of five years, Sam was playing on Sundays. In those days, we encouraged Sam to get involved in youth groups with midweek meetings. When there was no rugby, then we would be at church. The clash between sport and church can be a struggle, but it’s one we worked through.

I would also go to church on my own sometimes or with rest of the family. I do what I can to keep Jesus at the centre of my life and am around Christians as much as possible. I always try to go to midweek meetings.

YPA Parents story

God’s got His hands on Sam’s career. It’s hard to be a Christian in a rugby environment. It would have been easier for him not to say anything, but everyone knows he’s a Christian in each of the clubs he has gone to. We work at this together to try and get a good balance between faith and rugby.

Pressure to succeed can be a big thing. Sam and I have talked about the various stages on the rugby career ladder. He’s of the mind that his skills are a gift from God and we’ll take one match at a time. We’ll trust God whatever comes our way.

As a Christian, being a parent of a sportsman at Sam’s level has many joys and challenges. It’s not an easy environment, but we pray together and work at it together. The key is encouraging him to trust God.

Christians in Sport support many Young Performance Athletes (YPAs) and their parents like Sam and Paul. This year, we are publishing a booklet, which has responses to many of the big issues parents of YPAs may face. For more information, email


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