My Sporting Life: Gail Redmond

Date posted: 28/09/17

my sporting life: gail redmond



Name: Gail Redmond

Age: 38

Where from: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Church: Carrickfergus Elim

Sporting involvement: Women’s Domestic Manager at the Irish Football Association, a player for Glentoran Ladies and coach Northern Ireland under 15 girls.

Sporting highlights: Captaining Northern Ireland, being a freshman All American player at the University of Southern Mississippi and playing in three Women’s Champions League qualifying rounds.

What is your most embarrassing moment in sport?
I scored an epic own goal in the Algarve Cup against Portugal (probably the best goal I have ever scored)!

What encouragements have you seen as a Christian in your sport?
I am always blown away how sport, especially football, can open doors into places you never thought you would go and opportunities to share with people you never thought you would meet. Over time the biggest encouragement I have seen is God’s faithfulness in all these situations.

my sporting life: gail redmond

What do you find tough about living as a Christian in your sport?
The biggest challenge for me is balance. It’s a real joy to read God’s word and meet with other Christians, but it’s so easy to push your quiet time to the side or skip church for a coaches meeting or training.

How do you look to share the gospel in your sporting role?
I try to be intentional about making time to get to know teammates and fellow coaches; praying for opportunities to share about what God has done in my life.

What one piece of advice would you give to Christian sportspeople to help them share their faith?
I really do believe the saying “people don’t care what you say until they know you care”. Invest in people and share the greatest message ever! Christ died to forgive us of all our sins and give us an abundant life!



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