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Date posted: 28/09/17



Reaching the world of sport for Christ is why we exist. That’s harder to do in some places than others, such as professional golf tours where players spend so much time away from home.

For the few players who are Christians, it is hard to get to church and enjoy fellowship with other believers. For those looking to investigate Jesus, there is not an obvious place to turn. This is where Christians in Sport can step in.

On June 1st, Christians in Sport took over the leadership of LOGOS Golf Ministries - a charity whose mission statement is ‘taking the word of God to the world of golf.’ LOGOS remains a separate charity, but our staff are now supporting the work of its representatives Ken Revie (European Tour), Alison Nicholas (Ladies European Tour) and Vincent Brown (Tartan Tour).

Northern Irishman Ken said: “With the Christians on Tour, I’m always looking to have a Bible study, get together or when the circumstance arises, I’m always happy to meet up one-to-one with them.

“My time at an event is primarily the two days of build-up and practice when all is more informal and everyone is readily available, so giving me the freedom to ‘bump’ into folk for a chat about the things of God.”


(from left: Vincent Brown, Alison Nicholas, Ken Revie)

Alison, a former US Open champion and winning Solheim Cup captain, began work on the LET in July.

She said: “I am supporting and encouraging the Christians on the golf tour to live and grow in their faith, while giving the opportunity for others to explore the Christian message.

“I have been encouraged to get involved through many different avenues and as I have first-hand experience from both a golf and Christian perspective it seems the perfect fit.”

Vincent seeks to represent Jesus as a player on Tartan Tour in his home country of Scotland.

He said: “While attending events over the past couple of years I have spoken to many amateurs and professionals about my role of being a point of contact should anyone want to know more about the Christian faith.”

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