On the road with Team Wales

Date posted: 07/12/17

On the road with Team Wales


Siwdmae!* Did you catch our Welsh team’s social media takeover day a few weeks ago? Posts like this one below offered a snapshot of what we’re up to in Wales as we pursue this great mission of reaching the world of sport for Christ.



❤️🙌 God has been doing some awesome things in #Wales in recent weeks which the team share just a snapshot of!

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That takeover day was the culmination of an action-packed fortnight as we looked to connect, envision, encourage and support Christian sportspeople across the nation. There is much to thank God for, but there are still many more people and places we’d love to reach and partner with others. Here Welsh Staff Workers Heather Lewis and Lloyd Thomas take us through their November diary...

On the road with Team Wales3rd November: Llanelli

Sportspeople just love competing! The answer sheets were being scrutinised long after the trophy had been presented at the West Wales Sports Quiz, but the final marks still stood. Phew. It was great to see 48 people from Swansea, Neath, Llanelli and Carmarthen, half of whom would not yet call themselves followers of Jesus, get stuck in. All got to hear Jesus’ challenge to listen to His words and build their lives on him with a talk on the wise and foolish builders in Matthew 7.

10th - 17th November: Cardiff

We kicked off our time in the capital with 109 sportspeople from Cardiff, Caerphilly and Newport packing into the Legends Lounge at Glamorgan Cricket Club for the South Wales Sports Quiz.

The atmosphere was buzzing with people enjoying spending time with their teammates and getting fully absorbed in the six rounds.  In contrast, you could hear a pin drop as fellow staff member Dave Hampton spoke of ‘the treasure that fills you with joy” from Matthew 13 v 14. It was a joy to hear of people following up with their teammates afterwards.

On the road with Team Wales 

Quiz winners in Llanelli (left) and Cardiff

There was a tie for second and third place, but  a few rounds of rock paper scissors finally sorted that out.  There is already lots of anticipation for next year’s quiz at the same venue as teams look to get their name engraved on the trophy.

Next up, it was awesome to be part of ‘Story’ - the UCCF mission week in Cardiff. Our Cardiff and Cardiff Met University Groups used the quiz as a springboard to invite their teammates along to the events and saw God at work. Ten rugby players came to hear one of their teammates, James, share his testimony at a lunchbar after being invited by James and his fellow hooker, while the cricket club even shared an invite to these on their Facebook page!

15th November: Llandovery College

We headed north to Llandovery College where proceedings began with the senior school chapel service. Lloyd had a chance to teach the Bible and Heather then enticed the pupils with the highlights film from Sports Plus 2017 at Brecon. The camp takes place at their rival school Christ College, Brecon and we’d love to see many Llandovery pupils at Sports Plus 2018.

On the road with Team Wales

Lloyd and Heather at Llandovery College

We spent the rest of the day with the PE department, giving pupils a flavour of the Team Challenge games at Sports Plus and explaining what it means to be ‘Born to Play’. In a session with the under 15 girls’ hockey team, we shared former England international Jane Powell’s story and some of her coaching tips.


16th - 17th November: North Wales

Until recently, we only knew of five Christians in sport outside of South and West Wales. Praise God, now we know of 18 and those we met have the mandate to find more to share the vision with! Leg four of our roadtrip began with Yr Ystafell Newid Bangor (Changing Room Bangor) where Intern Jos Edwards joined us.

We met eight sportspeople at this gathering, seven of whom were hearing about the Christians in Sport vision for the first time. It was awesome to share what it means to pray, play, say from Colossians 4 and see people bringing sport and faith together for the first time…



One squash player and coach left having prayed for his teammates and also being challenged to pray every time he goes to his club. A second year university rugby player was so excited to meet other Christians in sport, having spent a season striving alone as a Christian in her team. She took real encouragement from the night and left feeling more equipped and empowered to share Jesus. The students hope to run a dodgeball event next term and as a city they would love to hold a Sports Quiz in the summer.

On the road with Team Wales 

Praying for our teammates in Welsh at the Bala gathering

Our fortnight ended with Yr Ystafell Newid Bala (Changing Room Bala). We spent Friday evening casting vision to six more new contacts and dreaming of what could happen in North Wales. That includes our first ever event delivered in Welsh using Welsh films too. Watch this space!

One female footballer left so thankful that she’d been challenged to go and share Jesus with her teammates and excited to be equipped through resources and training as she goes. Another footballer was challenged to go and share the vision with three other Christians in his team and to ask them to meet to pray for the team.



Heather said: “The three of us ended our two weeks so thankful to our amazing God, loving the opportunity to share Jesus and the vision of reaching the world of sport for Christ with so many different welsh sportspeople. We were so delighted to use Welsh resources in sharing the vision with sportspeople in their heart language Welsh.


“We’re praying that when we are in heaven there will be even more Welsh sportspeople with us because of what the Lord of the harvest field did in Wales across those two weeks and beyond!”

 * means hello/how you doing? in Welsh.

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