New year, same mission

Date posted: 22/12/17

 Clubhouse Xtra 2018


Clubhouse Xtra, our new year student conference, kicks off in England on 2nd January and a day later in Northern Ireland. Here, Bath University rugby player Bertie Kennedy (pictured below) shares what he’s looking forward to.

Clubhouse Xtra 2018‘New Year, New Me’ is the common phrase across social media in the beginning of January. However, for me and a large number of Christians playing university sport across the country, we look forward to doing exactly the same thing we did the year before – Clubhouse Xtra.

For those of you who don’t know, Clubhouse Xtra is a conference run for student Christian sports players, aimed to equip and encourage us as we go back to our various universities, to reach this world of sport for Christ. It is a massive encouragement to see that there are a great number of workers in this harvest field, fighting similar challenges, encountering the same lows and rejoicing in the highs that Christian mission brings.

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The training is focussed on helping us pray, play, say; living our lives with integrity and speaking of the gospel to our teammates. It has become a constant reference point for me at uni and many of the scenarios we practised have happened in real life! 


A great example was a talk where the process of ‘Jesus and a question’ was first explained to me. Mentioning Jesus and then asking a question about Him when discussing what I got up to on the weekend, or over the summer, has unlocked so many conversations with my teammates!

The evening meetings are always a highlight. Hearing God’s word and seeing how He has changed the lives of the students there or their friends, shows we’re not involved in a pointless exercise!

Clubhouse Xtra 2018


As I head back for my final year, I can’t wait to hear of those who have come to faith, to see brothers and sisters running the race and be challenged again by the gospel - seeing just how relevant and life-changing it is for my rugby mates.

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