My Sporting Life: Pete Murray

Date posted: 27/12/17

My Sporting Life: Pete Murray


Name: Pete Murray

Age: 27

Where from: Birmingham

Church: City Church, Birmingham

Sporting involvement: Plays for Black Country Volleyball Club

Sporting highlight: Played in the Volleyball England Super 8s. Won National League Division 1 and National Shield.

What encouragements have you seen as a Christian in your sport?
People do notice the difference you make, whether it is the positive attitude to training, how you praise a good performance or your own ability and not shouting at the ref.

My Sporting Life: Pete MurrayWhat do you find tough about living as a Christian in your sport?
It can feel like no progress is being made, or even that I’m not being a good or effective witness because I am not having regular conversations about the gospel or seeing people soften to it. This is especially the case whilst continuing to play a team sport and working full time.

How do you look to share the gospel in your sports club?
The most notable opportunities to share the gospel have been through post-match celebrations/ socials where the team often go on nights out, drink lots and in some cases attend strip clubs. Being part of the group but not getting drunk and refusing to go to strip clubs gives me an opportunity to explain what my faith means to me and why I do not want to act in those ways.

What one piece of advice would you give to Christian sportspeople to help them share their faith?
Keep persevering and be ready. Continue to engage, socialise and be around your teammates. The opportunities I have had to talk about the gospel, or even just give advice based on a different world view, have come few and far between. But they can quite easily come when you are off guard or really not ready for it. The challenge is to know what you believe, and be ready and bold enough to say something that could mean you get left behind or even become unpopular with your teammates.

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