Back Pages Bite-sized - Winter 2018

Date posted: 27/12/17

Back Pages bite-sized - Winter 2018


Clockwise (from top left): Edinburgh University Sports Quiz, Newcastle prayer meeting, Brunel University dodgeball tournament, Christian Resources Exhibition


Christians in sport are reaching out with the gospel where God has placed them. Here’s a collection of stories to encourage and inspire you.

I have always found it difficult to share my faith at football due to the limited time spent together on Saturdays and at training, so a few Christian players and I decided to run a six-a-side footy tournament at our club St Peter FC.

We also invited Dan Cutting (DC Freestyle) who is a professional freestyle footballer to do a demonstration and talk about his faith. The event was a great success, played in a great spirit and everyone listened intently to Dan talking about Jesus. Please pray for good follow up and continued opportunities for us to share our faith.

Jon Jefferson, St Peter FC, Jersey

Back Pages bite-sized - Winter 2018 

The winning team at the Jersey football tournament

I hadn’t previously heard of Christians in Sport, but I happened to see a tweet about the Sports Mission Pack. I downloaded the pack, watched through the videos and decided to put on ‘The Great Escape’ during half-time of a Northern Ireland football match we were showing at church.

We normally serve food at half time, so I thought I could introduce the video clip, let it play and then just conclude by saying anyone with questions could speak to one of us, keeping it all quite informal. It went well. We had around 35 people there. There was some good feedback and people were receptive to watching the clip. We have shown rugby matches during the Six Nations too, so we hope to make use of other video clips from the pack in the future.

Judith Givan, Seagoe Parish Church, Portadown

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I invited my hockey team to come for a curry and questions night at mine. I couldn’t believe how many great questions they had. Everything from ‘Why have you invited us for dinner?’ to ‘Why is Jesus relevant today?’ came up! Another Christian in the team and I did our best to answer them. The guys were so engaged with it all. It was so incredible seeing God challenging their ideas and using us too.

At the end, I asked them if they’d be keen to read what Jesus says over a pint and all I needed from them was a yes or no. A few of the guys seemed interested and we’ve continued having good conversations off the back of it. I’m hoping to run another dinner in January!

Calum, Scotland

Last year I was the only Christian in sport I knew at Leeds Beckett University. I have to say it was tough. But God has been so good. After a lot of prayer, the group has gone from one to six people!

God has massively gone beyond my expectations and prayer requests for a couple of freshers to come in. I’ve been so encouraged now having a group focused on taking the good news of Jesus to sportspeople at Leeds Beckett and meeting together to challenge, encourage and pray with one another week in, week out. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for us this year!

Tash Wroe, Leeds Beckett University Netball Club

Back Pages bite-sized - Winter 2018


Members of the Leeds Beckett University Group

I spoke to a colleague I work with at the European Tour and Ryder Cup about my faith and what it meant to know Jesus. Looking back, it was one of those conversations! I would have said everything differently if I had the chance again.... but God is much bigger than my words. Soon after, I asked the same friend if he wanted to come to Christianity Explored and to my surprise he said yes.

For the next three months he came each week and then also to the follow up course. He then started coming to church, and had lots of questions. Over time, he began to see who Jesus really was and why it mattered what his response was - and he gave his life to Him! It’s pretty amazing that God uses us in his plans, and especially amazing to see my friend standing next to me in church on Sunday.

Ben Hayden, Worplesdon Golf Club

I run a health and fitness company called BreakFit and one of our aims is to reach Northern Ireland’s fitness industry for Christ. This summer, we helped the global mission community Faith RX’d host their first evangelistic event in Ireland. A mix of Christians and non-Christians involved in CrossFit across Belfast suffered together in a gruelling fitness session.

Afterwards, I spoke about what it meant to have true spiritual fitness in Christ and we enjoyed a barbecue together. There were some brilliant conversations about Jesus. We pray this will lead to new gospel activity in fitness clubs. We are now working with the Christians in Sport team to train leaders and fitness coaches and develop our mission strategy.

Simon Lennox, BreakFit, Belfast