Back Pages Bite-sized - Summer 2018

Date posted: 13/06/18

 Back Pages Bite-sized - Summer 2018


Pictured (from left): Bristol University dodgeball tournament, Bristol Partner Evening, Christ Church Aughton Sports Quiz

Christian sportspeople are sharing their faith with their friends all over the country. Here’s a collection of stories to encourage and inspire you.

A few months ago, I was invited to a Christian in Sport Sports Quiz and encouraged to bring a group from my cricket team. This also happened to include a couple of my best mates. None of the team were church goers or have ever expressed an interest in faith. I found it so easy inviting the team to the quiz considering I’ve never invited them to church before, they all were keen and some even brought their girlfriends. They were able to hear the gospel throughout the evening and I got to share why Jesus is so important in my life. We won the quiz and they all can’t wait for the next one.

Sam Parker, Shirehampton Cricket Club


On 15th March, we held a Lent Address Day at Bloxham School called ‘Uncover’, encouraging our students to consider what the Bible has to say about Jesus. As part of the day, we used the Christians in Sport Quiz with our fourth form (Year 10) of 70 students, gathering them all into groups in a dining room. Two of the visiting team from Lymington Rushmore Holidays led the quiz with great enthusiasm. At half-time we had a testimony where one of the team interviewed another member, asking her about her time at school and her journey to faith in the Lord Jesus. Although the atmosphere throughout the quiz was very enthusiastic and competitive, the honesty and openness of the testimony meant that the students were really engaged. A great event.

Michael Moir, Bloxham School


Back Pages Bite-sized - Summer 2018


Birmingham University Athletics Club Bible study

Initially we hosted a Dialogue Dinner style ‘pasta party’ to discuss the Christian faith with our athletics friends. Thirty came, engaging with discussion and asking thoughtful questions. We covered the relevance of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Every week since we’ve done a Bible study with a smaller group who are interested. Around 10 who are investigating faith regularly attend and even invite other friends themselves. We started with an Uncover study of John and when our friends were keen to carry on, we looked into Old Testament stories. Their Bible knowledge has grown dramatically, making many links and comparisons between stories themselves.

Some had previous understanding of the Christian faith, some had none. We were encouraged when one friend, having come to our Bible study, church and other Christian Union events, gave her life to Jesus. Since then her faith has grown and she is sharing how Jesus has changed her life with others in the athletics club.

Victoria Weir, Birmingham University Athletics Club


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I invited seven of my rugby teammates round for a Dialogue Dinner. The actual night was so much more relaxed and enjoyable than I thought it would be - if it wasn’t for the effort of cooking I would repeat it every night, because it was just really good fun! The girls were so engaged and helped me along as I tried to share the gospel with them and God really led me to explain it in a way that felt natural and conversational. A few of the girls who couldn’t make it had asked me how it went and said they would like to come if I did something like it again. It was great to really put it out there that I’m a Christian and I think they’ll feel more comfortable to talk to me about it now if they want to.

Bethany Duffy, Ulster University Coleraine Rugby Club


Back Pages Bite-sized - Summer 2018


Philippa Cook (left) with some of her fellow Strathearn Wheelers

Over the past couple of years, I have been part of a road cycle group, consisting of school parents from our local Crieff community, who meet twice a week to cycle. One of the mums became a Christian through attending our local church and I felt challenged over the past year to meet with her, before our cycle rides, for Bible study and prayer. The amazing thing is that others in the group got to know about this and asked if they too could attend. So a group of us now meet each week and at the moment are working our way through the gospels. It has been a wonderful opportunity to share my faith and every week there is lots of lively discussion! We also entered a team, along with some husbands, for the Christians in Sport Quiz which was hosted by some of the local churches. Again, this was a great night and provoked good conversation. I would encourage anyone involved in sport, no matter what age you are, that there are always plenty of opportunities to share your faith.

Philippa Cook, Strathearn Wheelers Cycling Club


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