Clubhouse Xtra

Clubhouse Xtra 2018

Clubhouse Xtra is the student conference for sport loving students who long to make Christ known.

It is a time of encouraging and equipping university students as they seek to reach their world of sport for Christ. For the last few years, it has seen students gather in the first few days of each new year at 2 locations in England and Northern Ireland.

The evening meetings are always a highlight - hearing God's word and seeing how He has changed the lives of the students there, or their friends', shows we're not involved in a pointless exercise.

Bertie, rugby player, University of Bath

2019 saw 176 students from across the UK gather in 2 locations in England and Northern Ireland to look at the glory of Christ and be encouraged and spurred on in their faith and witness to their friends in their university clubs and teams.

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