Uni Group Leaders Page 2016-17


Fresher's Fayre Flyer / Group Meeting Poster

A flyer/poster that can be personalised and handed out to contacts and/or put up around university explaining the purpose of the group, providing the key details about the group and the leader's contact details.

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Fresher's Fayre Sign

A sign that can be adapted to include the name of your University and then stuck on your stall.

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Group Sign-Up Sheet

A sheet to capture the key details of all of those that attend the group.

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Group Event Posters

Posters that can be personalised and put up around your university to advertise events organised by the group.

- A poster for a sports quiz 

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 - A poster for a dodgeball tournament

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N.B. Posters for other sports events are available - please either contact Dave Hampton or download the Sports Mission Pack, which contains a number of these.


Dialogue Dinner How-to Guide

Food can be a great way to help you share your faith with your sports friends and teammates and a dialogue dinner is one way in which you can do just that. Here's a guide to help you put one on. 

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Group Leaders' Guide

Here's the Leaders' Guide that you have already received, so here it is just for your reference should you want to refer back to it.

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