Week 1

Uni Group Leaders Page 2016-17

In this week's session, we'll simply be looking to welcome people to the group and to communicate the purpose of the group. Please use the content below as a guide for your session.



To reunite all the Christians in sport at your university and to give a warm welcome to any new students attending the group for the first time.
To give an overview of the vision and mission of Christians in sport and explain the purpose of your university group.

Session Content

Introduce yourself to the group. 
Sport at your university
Give a bit of context to the group about what sport at your university looks like. Here are a couple of questions to help you get started:
- Explain the best bits about playing sport at your university.
- Get someone to give their best highlight of their university sporting career so far.
- Explain how many sports clubs, teams and athletes there are in total at your university. 
- Explain how many Christians there are playing for your university in these sports clubs and teams.
The mission and vision of Christians in Sport
Explain the mission and the vision of Christians in Sport as follows:
The mission: To reach the world of sport for Christ (Matthew 28)
The vision:
• Christians everywhere living out their faith in sports clubs and teams
• Sportspeople everywhere having the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ
There are around 10,000 Christians in sport in the UK. That is around 1 Christian sports player for every 2,000 sports players. If the world of sport in the UK was a country, it would be classed as ‘unreached’ along with countries like Afghanistan, Ghana and Malaysia.

What would it look like for...

...every student playing sport...

...in every team...

...in every club...

...in every university...

...to hear about the good news of Jesus this year?


Q. When you think about your university world of sport and hold that next to the vision and mission of Christians in Sport, how does it make you feel?

Read Matthew 9:37-38, pointing out that the world of university sport is a huge harvest field with few workers.
Read Matthew 28:16-20 pointing out that Jesus calls us to 'go and make disciples' under his power (v18) and presence (v20).
Purpose and Priorities of the group
Outline the following regarding the purpose and priorities of the group and who the group is for.
1. Purpose of the group 
To support Christian university sports players as together you pray play say in your university sports clubs and teams.
2. Priorities of the group
Prayer and evangelism towards university sports people. It is not an in depth bible study/theological discussion, neither is it a holy huddle to have some banter.
3. People for the group
In light of its purpose and priorities, the group exists to serve university sports people. This brings clarity of vision and aids discussion about sport specific issues in the university sports culture.
Next week we will understand the call to go and Pray Play Say from Colossians 4:2-6.