Week 15

Uni Group Leaders Page 2016-17

In this week's session, we'll be looking what it looks like to be distinctive as we play or compete in our sport. Please use the content below as a guide for your session.



To see how God's word help us to think about being different in our clubs and teams.

To think about how we can be distinctive as Christians in sport.


Session Content

In this session, we are going to think about what our teammates think about Jesus using the Sports Stadium analogy.

Check out the Sports Stadium presentation here and then talk through the different stages it describes. 

After you have understood what each stage means and how someone might get closer to running their own race of faith in Jesus, start to discuss your own friends in your university sports clubs. 



- Plotting people from your sports clubs at the various stages

- Discuss what they think about Christianity and how they feel towards Jesus

- Discuss what it would take for your friend to get closer to running their own race of faith in Jesus

- Pray for the friends you discussed