Week 19

Uni Group Leaders Page 2016-17

In this week's session, we'll be looking at how you can pray ahead of your Christian Union's events week. Please use the content below as a guide for your session.



To bring all aspects of the events week before God in prayer.

To think through how you can make the most of the events week to share Jesus with our friends in our sports clubs.


Session Content

This week you will have the opportunity to pray for your university Christian Union events week. 

Try and get hold of a flyer or the information of your events week and pray for the specific events taking place. 



How are you going to make the most of the events week as you witness to your friends in your sports club? What are you going to do today in order to give them the opportunity to explore Christianity for themselves? 


Pray for gospel convictions, urgency and boldness, that as a group you will not let this week pass by without generously inviting those in your sports clubs to an event or to read the bible with you.


Other ideas of things to pray for:

- All the speakers - that they present Jesus clearly and speak from Gods word faithfully

- Sportspeople - pray that the events week will reach many sportspeople who don't know have a Christian friend in their sports club

- All talk titles - that they engage and attract people. That Jesus is at the centre of the talks

- All events - that they run smoothly, are a positive experience and ultimately aid the presentation of the gospel

- First Contact - if any flyer-ing, questionairre-ing or stalls are taking place, pray that God would work powerfully through every conversation