Sunday sport

God has given me my sporting gifts and I know I'm called to worship Him as I play, but what happens when a match clashes with my church's Sunday service?

Sunday sport is an increasingly significant issue for Christian children, parents and churches. Below is a collection of the resources we have produced on the issue. If you would like more information, please email us on


footballParents and pastors alike find themselves torn between prioritising children’s spiritual growth and encouraging them in the sport they are evidently passionate about. It is a very real dilemma


Jules featureAs the Christian mother of four children who love the Lord and love sport I find myself living through a very real dilemma. The structures of church and sport seem to be pulling in opposite directions.


Sunday sportThere’s no doubt that the tension between Sunday sport and Sunday services is a significant problem for the church in the UK, so how do you find practical solutions?


St Nicholas Church, SevenoaksIt's a big question, but the gospel gives room for people to disagree on such an issue. Should Sunday be a day set apart for church?



Bible studies

HockeyThe Bible calls all Christians to be fully committed to meeting together to and to living in the world so we can be distinctive witnesses. How can I be committed to church on Sunday and sport?




Video Bible Study: SabbathGrappling with sport and the Sabbath? Here's a Bible study resource to help you think through the whole issue.


Video: Sabbath (Sunday) - a parent's perspectiveYou're not the only parent struggling with this theological hot potato. Watch what mum-of-four Jules has to say.