My Sporting Life

My Sporting Life

It’s always great to hear stories of how people are representing Jesus in their world of sport. Whether you are a player, coach or official – or involved in sport in a different way, this ‘My Sporting Life’ feature is designed to encourage you in your faith as you read of others looking to share the gospel where God has placed them.

tom stileman

Tom Stileman

"It has been great to see guys from the team taking an interest in Christ, coming along to church and asking questions." Read Tom's story here.



Jen EhrJen Ehr

"A couple of honest conversations that I have had with teammates have highlighted that they have a longing for a greater satisfaction than the world can give."
Read Jen's story here.


Sarah PriorSarah Prior

"Don’t be anyone but yourself. As a Christian the things you do, the decisions you make, should all point back to God." Read Sarah's story here.