Here is a collection of articles and series we pray will encourage and equip elite athletes and coaches to represent Jesus in their sport or investigate the Christian faith.


retirement football bootsA new chapter: Helping sportspeople navigate retirement
It’s a devastating blow when you’ve spent all your life with the identity of being the best. There is uncertainty in who you are.

What makes a good leader?What makes a good leader?
It’s a question we constantly ask in the world of sport where we’re only too aware how significant an impact leaders can have on success. Read the article here.

Commonwealth Games: Continuing the day job Down UnderCommonwealth Games: Continuing the day job Down Under
Staff members Graham Daniels and Jules Wilkinson were chaplains at Gold Coast 2018. Find out how they looked to encourage elite athletes at the Games.

Adam PengillyFrom skeleton to the corridors of power
The pressure of being a Winter Olympian in the skeleton event is immense. Now though, as a retired athlete, Adam faces a different type of pressure.

LOGOS GolfFairway to heaven
Reaching the world of sport for Christ is why we exist. That’s harder to do in some places than others, such as professional golf tours, which is where we can step in.

cricketWingers returns to the crease
Former Director Andrew Wingfield Digby (Wingers) is now back on board as a volunteer, spearheading our outreach to the world of professional cricket. Here he describes how that work has grown over the years.

Gospel growth in the beautiful gameGospel growth in the beautiful game
Bible studies, contract renewals and career-threatening injuries can all be part of the work. Here's how we're encouraging the next generation of elite UK footballers.

A new chapter: Helping elite sportspeople navigate retirementIt's time to talk about retirement
We need to open up the debate about helping players and athletes navigate retirement from professional and elite sport. Read the article.

Jane PowellAll-rounder Jane's sporting journey
Jane Powell has represented Christ in three international sports over 40 years. Read her inspiring story here.

Adriano MedeirosFaith in the fast lane
Adriano Medeiros got more than he bargained for when he sought career advice from an ex-Formula 1 driver. Find out what happened here.

Parys Edwards podcastA new chapter in sport and faith
Turning professional at the age of 37 was the latest chapter in the life of talented sportswoman Parys Edwards. Read the article here.



What does the Bible say about?

Read all the articles in our 'What does the Bible say about....?' series looking at sporting issues from a Christian perspective.

What does the Bible say

What does the Bible say about...doping?

What does the Bible say about...losing?

What does the Bible say about...winning?

What does the Bible say about...fairness?

What does the Bible say about...sports psychology?

What does the Bible say about...ambition?

What does the Bible say about...referees?

What does the Bible say about... injury?

What does the Bible say about... drinking culture?

What does the Bible say about... pressure?

Rio 2016

Rio 2016

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