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What is a Young Performance Athlete (YPA)?

A YPA is a young person under the age of 19 currently on a performance pathway in their sport and who is either a Christian or wanting to explore the Christian faith.

What support do we offer?

There are great joys and privileges competing at the highest level of sport, using the gifts God has given. However, it also brings unique challenges to young Christian sportspeople and their parents and guardians including frequent clashes with church commitments, a pressure to perform and family sacrifices. 

We recognise that each YPA's sporting demands and family situation will be different. Therefore, Christians in Sport looks to offer support which is individual and tailored to the needs of the YPA and their family as they seek to live for Jesus in their world of sport. This support may take the form of:

- Prayer Support

- Resources for YPAs (e.g. video blogs and Bible studies)

- Resources for parents/guardians (e.g. a booklet addressing 10 top questions about how to support your child as a YPA)

- Invitations to local gatherings for YPAs and parents/guardians to meet with others in similar situations

- Regular contact from the YPA team for parents/guardians

- Possible mentoring for YPAs aged 15+


YPA booklet

Resources for YPAs and Parents/Guardians

Top 10 questions asked by Parents and Guardians of YPAs

A booklet designed to help you think about how to support your child in the world of elite sport. The questions are answered with a biblical principle, and then provide the opportunity for you to apply to your own situation. 

Sunday Sport
Sunday sport is an increasingly significant issue for Christian young people, parents and churches. Here is a collection of the resources we have produced on the issue.

The Christians in Sport Podcast
A series of podcasts with former elite athletes sharing their experiences and how their faith has fundamentally impacted their lives in a career full of highs and lows.
A website created for elite sportspeople looking at topics such as disappointment, distinctiveness, pressure, cheating, pride, identity, opponents and worship.

‘A Year in the Life’
A video blog to help young sportspeople think through sporting issues from a biblical perspective

Born to Play
A short book for sportspeople exploring what it looks like to represent Jesus in the world of sport. There is also a video which explains what ‘Born to Play’ means.

Who to contact?

If you are a YPA or a parent or youth leader of a YPA and would like to discuss further how Christians in Sport might be able to support you or if you have any questions about the YPA work then please email our Young Performance Athlete Co-ordinator Lisa Elliott at or call on 01869 255 630.


Meet the YPA team

Lisa TurnerLisa Elliott
Lisa co-ordinates the support of Young Performance Athletes (YPAs) and helps administrate the Internship programme. She plays badminton for Bicester Badminton Club and is part of Long Crendon Baptist Church. Click here to email Lisa.

Nathan ElliottNathan Elliott
Nathan works part-time as part of the Performance Team. He supports male performance athletes, plays hockey for Bicester HC and attends Long Crendon Baptist Church. Click here to email Nathan.