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Christians in Sport exists to reach the world of sport for Christ. We are here to help churches like yours to support their young sportspeople to represent God in their sports teams and be ready to share their faith with their teammates. 

One of the best ways we have found churches can achieve this is through hosting regular Pray Play Say gatherings. 

What is a Pray Play Say gathering?

Simply young Christian sports players from a church or a school gathering together learning to:

- Pray for their sports friends 
- Play in a way that honours God
- Say something of the good news of Jesus Christ

Gatherings may take may different forms, for example, working through sport-themed Bible studies, playing sport, praying together, sharing life with one another or simply chatting about experiences in sport and the challenges young people face.

What resources are available to help run a regular Pray Play Say gathering?

Bible study notes designed for young sportspeople. Download here.
Christians in Sport staff are available to visit your gathering and provide any support necessary throughout the year. We can also help to run and speak at guest events, such as sports quizzes or tournaments, put on at your church for the young people to invite their friends to. Sports Plus, our youth summer camps, are also a valuable residential time away for the young people to consider inviting their friends to. Contact the office here.  
Hosting sports tournaments. The Sports Mission Pack is full of information on this. Download it here.

Who runs Pray Play Say gatherings?

Pray Play Say gatherings are run by the church themselves, coming under its leadership and seen as part of its ministry, with Christians in Sport providing support and resources. Therefore it is the church's responsibility to carry out any necessary governance e.g. parental consent, risk assessments, criminal record checks and have public liability insurance in place if appropriate.

The intent is for the leaders to be well positioned to invest in and disciple young sportspeople e.g. a church youth worker, member of the church or the parent of a young person. As well as meeting up as part of the Pray Play Say gathering this could include meeting up with the young people one to one, playing sport as a group and going to watch them play for their schools or clubs.

Examples of Pray Play Say gatherings already happening across the UK

- Greyfriars Church, Reading
'We run a bi-weekly Pray Play Say gathering with around 15 youth and leaders who we want to come to know Jesus and equip them to Pray Play Say. We love having the Christians in Sport staff come to support throughout the year by visiting the group and to run outreach events for us.' Heather Lewis, Youth worker

Brackley Baptist Church Pray Play Say gathering 
'We have done archery, golf, tennis, athletics, football, badminton to name a few! Every session is focussed on a particular passage in the bible and then we pick a sport to compliment it. e.g. Run the race with perseverance - athletics!' Kirstan Boynton, Leader

For more information about hosting Pray Play Say gatherings please email Nathan Elliott at