Support for teachers

Support for teachers

Christians in Sport exists to reach the world of sport for Christ. We want to help young sportspeople everywhere engage with the Christian faith for themselves. One way we do this is by offering support to teachers both in their own witness for Jesus and in providing resources for them to use in their school context.

What support do we offer?

Sports Mission Pack

The Sports Mission Pack is full of free resources that help people reach sportspeople with the gospel. Some of these resources are specifically designed to be used by teachers or those working in school contexts. These resources include;

- Assembly ideas for you to use in your school all talking about sport and the good news of Jesus. They include outlines and illustration ideas.

- Lesson plans about the theology of sport for you to use. These include PowerPoints and videos as well.

- How to run a Sports Quiz or multi-sports tournament for young people where you could include a short talk by a Christian teacher or a testimony from a student if appropriate.

Please find all the Sports Mission Pack resources here.

Pray Play Say resources

There may be opportunities within some school contexts for Christian teachers to gather together young sportspeople to get the Bible open together. During this time the focus could be on what it looks like to;

- Pray for sports friends

- Play in a way that honours God

- Say something of the good news of Jesus

To help support gatherings such as this Christians in Sport have produced Bible studies designed specifically for use with young sportspeople. These are free and available here

You may also want to look at these video resources tackling issues Christian sportspeople face.

Mission events

Teachers may find it helpful to request a team from Christians in Sport to visit the school and deliver an event which looks to introduce young people to the essentials of the Christian faith. Some possible events may include;

- Assemblies

· RS lessons

· Sports Quizzes

· Sports tournaments

We are aware that depending on the school and its particular needs these events could take many different forms. We would love to talk if you have any questions about what it might look like for a team from Christians in Sport to deliver an event at your school.


Who to contact?

If you are a teacher or an individual who works in school contexts and would like to discuss further how Christians in Sport might be able to support you or if you have any questions then please email