Bursary Fund

Sports Plus 2017

Each year we endeavour to make sure young people can attend Sports Plus even if they are financially restricted.

Thanks to you, our partners, the Sports Plus Bursary Fund has enabled 1,400 young people to attend Sports Plus over the last 8 years, with 174 young people accessing the Bursary Fund in 2018.

The Bursary Fund supports young people who are financially restricted and would otherwise be unable to attend Sports Plus by significantly reducing the cost of attending.


Accessing the Bursary Fund

To access the Bursary Fund, simply select the Reduced Rate when booking a Young Person or applying to be a Leader or Trainee at Sports Plus.

For more information on accessing the Bursary Fund and payment for Sports Plus please see our FAQs.

Donating to the Bursary Fund

You can donate to the Bursary Fund either when making a payment for Sports Plus (by selecting the option to make a donation) or by donating below.




If you have any questions, or would like more information about the Bursary Fund, please contact the Sports Plus Team at sportspluscamp@christiansinsport.org.uk or on 01869 255630.