Golf ministry

Golf ministry 

Reaching the world of sport for Christ is why we exist. That’s harder to do in some places than others, especially elite professional golf tours where players spend so much time away from home.

Tour golfers can spend as much as 10 months a year on the road, travelling and playing tournaments and as it’s an individual sport, you don’t have the camaraderie of teammates to keep you going.

For the few players who are Christians, it is hard to get to church and enjoy fellowship with other believers. For those looking to investigate Jesus, there is not an obvious place to turn. It’s this vision and need that prompted the founding of LOGOS Golf Ministries, the management of which was taken over by Christians in Sport in 2017

This ministry continues to grow and this year Kenny Crawford has joined the team to work on the European Tour alongside Alison Nicholas (Ladies European Tour) and Vincent Brown (Tartan Tour). Kenny, Alison and Vincent's roles include leading group Bible studies and meeting up with and getting to know Christians and those interested in investigating the gospel. 

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