Photo and Video Policy


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1. Why do we take photos?


Christians in Sport takes photos at events which they run for the purpose of informing supporters about the event and for use in future marketing on social media, in print and online. 

2. Legal basis for using photos and videos taken at our events


Photos and videos are counted in the GDPR as being personal data. 

For staff

Staff of Christians in Sport will need to give consent for a photo to be used in relation to their name, for instance on the website or in our magazine/newsletter.

For over 18s

It is defined as being within our legitimate interests to take photos at any event we run to use in our marketing. Without the ability to use photography we have decided it would not be possible to market what we do. 

When people attend a Christians in Sport event, they can reasonably expect a photographer to be present.

A photo will not be used on social media or online alongside a name or tag of an individual, in order to respect their privacy. 

Sometimes photographers and filmmakers/videographers will shoot in a public area where people in the background may be captured on camera. It isn’t feasible to get every single person who enters that area to sign a photo release form. 

If, for whatever reason, it is necessary to caption the photograph or video with the name of the individual, for example within our magazine, consent will be sought to do this. 

For under 18s

For anyone attending a Christians in Sport run event under the age of 18, consent will be sought from the parent/guardian booking them onto the event. If consent is not granted then photos will not be posted publicly and we will do our best to not store any photos of the individual involved on our own private networks. 

Consent will be in the form of a box to be ticked or slider to be selected on the booking form, with a link clearly displayed of our Privacy Policy and our Photo and Video Policy.

3. Legal basis for using photos and videos on social media/online

For any photo or video we use on our social media or website, or within a video, we make sure, to our best knowledge that we are adhering to copyright principles.

If you feel we are in breach of copyright please email

Any photo or video in which we are tagged on social media, or which is sent to us in any format, we assume that the photo was taken by the organisation/individual with proper permissions. Where possible, we will check this is the case before posting an image or video on our platforms. 

4. Withdrawing consent

An individual captured in an image can withdraw their consent even after having signed the consent form. Any such withdrawal should be in writing.

Once consent is withdrawn, the charity cannot use the relevant images again, but it will not normally be possible to recall documents in which their image has already appeared.

5. Storing photographs and film recordings

All photos or recordings which contain personal data will need to be treated in the same way as personal data held in other formats. They need to be kept securely and disposed of securely when no longer required, in accordance with our guidance on Data Security.

Since photographs may reveal details of the subject's race and ethnic origin they are classified as Sensitive Personal Data. Generally photographs should only be used and retained where strictly necessary.