Our purpose

our purpose

Our mission

Our mission is to reach the world of sport for Christ. We help sportspeople understand that sport and faith can go together, train Christians to live out and share their faith, and give opportunities for sportspeople to respond to the Christian message.

How we do it

There are many ways in which we seek to reach the world of sport for Christ. Some of the primary ways are: encouraging Christians to get stuck into sport wherever they play and in whatever role, and supporting them and their churches through training events and schemes, chaplaincy, resources, groups and one-to-one meetings. 

Our goal

By 2020, we want to see the good news of Jesus Christ being shared in growing numbers of sports teams and clubs within 300 towns, cities and elite-level sports.

The 300 consists of:

- 121 towns and cities in the UK
- 170 towns and cities globally
-  9 elite sports

Our three priorities for 2017-2020 are to:

Engage sportspeople with the good news of Jesus Christ
Expand to new places and elite sports
Enable the work to grow

Our plan for 2017 - 2020