International resources

There are thousands of great resources for people all over the world to use, both on this website and on others.

A couple of brilliant platforms are:

ReadySetGO has been created to help explain as simply as possible how any church or agency can serve through sport. Over more than 60 years effective ways to serve through sport and play have been learned and developed. The ReadySetGO material is provided free to us and all others and can’t be sold. is a library of sports resources to help make disciples for Christ in all nations in the world of sport and play. Everything is free and ready to use! It is as simple as Ready, Set and GO!

Max 7

This is an Open Source library of ministry materials from all around the world, in many languages. It is currently going through a period or re-development but thousands of materials can still be found in the meantime. is a website full of video-based Bible studies for sportspeople to help them think about what it looks like to represent Jesus in their sports clubs and teams around the world.

Born to Play

International copies of the book ‘Born to Play’, about sport and worship, by Graham Daniels and Stuart Weir are also available below.