Our history

AWDWhat started out in the 1970s as a small movement of Christian sports players roaming the UK for like-minded people, has fast become a global movement of Christians and churches seeking to reach the world of sport for Christ.

1980s - Christians in Sport was officially formed at a time when many churches and Christians believed it best to stay away from the corrupt world of sport. In 1984 Andrew Wingfield Digby was appointed as the charity's first Director and played a significant part in helping church leaders see that sport was too big a part of culture to ignore. With the help of high profile Christian sportspeople both the worlds of sport and church began to take notice of this new movement of thinking.

1990s - The work grew beyond just professional sport and into universities where groups of students started to gather weekly to pray for their friends and host events to share the Christian message. The mid 90s also saw the first Sports Plus camp for young sportspeople at Cokethorpe School in Oxfordshire, an idea brought to the UK by American Steve Connor.

2000s -
By now the work was growing rapidly, 250 young people at our camps, many leaders having come through the camps themselves, an expanding university work, on-going support of players and athletes at the very highest level and involvement with the developing international sports ministry movement.

2010s -
Fast forward a decade and as the cultural significance of sport has grown so has the scope of our work. The 2012 Games has convinced many churches of the importance of engaging in sport and has helped the world of sport to see that the church can be a vital community partner. Today we have thousands of supporters and we are working with churches and partners both domestically and across the globe to reach the world of sport for Christ.