Pray for the world of sport

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When could we pray for sport at our church?

This totally depends on your church but here are just a few ideas: 

1. Ask to use a slot in one of your monthly prayer meetings.

2. Run a sports prayer evening. 

3. Include a few lines in your weekly intercession prayers.

4. Feature a sports prayer in your church's prayer diary.

What could we pray for?

1. Pray for sportspeople in your congregation

Find out who plays sport in your congregation and which clubs/teams they play for. Pray that God would help them to play in a way that honours God and to give them opportunities to speak about God with their friends.

2. Pray for local sports clubs in your community

Do some research to find out who your local sports clubs are. Here are two websites that may help - and Sport England which includes lots of stats and figures on who is playing sport in your area. Pray that God would raise up Christians in these clubs to represent him and that people that don’t know him would come to explore Christianity for themselves.

prayerWhy not pray for three teammates who don't yet know Jesus?

You could use a card like this to fill in their names and keep with you.

Please let us know if you would like us to post you some to use at your church.


3. Pray for sports activities you could run to engage with your community

Maybe you’re planning to run an event to invite sportspeople to? If so, pray that God would use it mightily. Maybe you don’t know where to start with engaging with your local sports community? Pray for ideas and wisdom. There is loads of information and advice on running events in our Sports Mission Pack including tips on hosting a prayer gathering and some great Bible verses to look at. You can download the pack for free here.

4. Pray for sports events coming up

Head to the BBC’s Sports Calendar to find out what major events are coming up. Pray for the event, for the Christians competing, for safety, for opportunities for churches to engage with it and anything else you think needs prayer.

5. Pray for sports ministries

There are loads of organisations who are reaching and serving the world of sport. Pick a few organisations to pray for from the Sports Ministry UK website or download the Christians in Sport prayer diary.