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Bible Study: How to explain the Christian message in six words

Date posted: 17/10/14

The Apostle Paul writes that he is ‘not ashamed of the Gospel because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes’ (Romans 1:16). If we really believe this, then we’ll want to spend time being trained to speak this Gospel clearly and relevantly to those who don’t yet know Christ.

Here are six Say bible studies, each one picking up on one of the six key aspects (or doctrines) of Jesus Christ’s message:

Creation - Sin - Judgement - Cross - Resurrection - Response

It can be helpful to think of these six aspects as six windows through which Jesus wants us to look at the world. As you view the world through these windows you will increasingly be equipped to think Christianly and then speak Christianly. Taken as a whole the windows clearly explain the essential elements of the good news about Jesus Christ - the power for salvation!

The sessions are very practical and are designed to take the fear out of speaking about Jesus Christ and to prepare you to talk to your friends confidently about Him.

The general overview and structure of each Say bible study could look as follows:

5 minutes...pray for your sports friends, for each other (if you are in a group), for the past week and sports events coming up.

30 minutes...go through the session as set out for you in each of the Say sessions included.

5 minutes...pray through the study.

It’s important that you start and finish with prayer in the Say studies as well. If you are in a group, make sure you give enough time for people to practise the Say training, either in pairs or small groups. Try role-playing different scenarios and give each other constructive feedback. 

Bible Study: Creation

Bible Study: Sin

Bible Study: Judgement

Bible Study: The cross

Bible Study: The resurrection

Bible Study: Our response

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