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Bible study: Answering your mate's questions

Date posted: 24/10/14

1. Aim of study

- To understand your role in telling friends about Jesus.
- To be equipped to answer the hard questions your friends could ask you.

2. Get ready 

Time to be honest.

Rank in order the following reasons why you don’t tell your friends about Jesus.

- Sometimes I can’t be bothered
- I’m scared of losing my friends
- I don’t see why it’s important
- I’m often ashamed of what I believe in
- I don’t know how to do it
- I don’t often get the opportunity

Are there any other reasons why you don’t tell your friends about Jesus?

What kind of person do you think is most likely to tell their friends about Jesus? Make a list of their characteristics.

3. Get Set

The verse we are looking at in this study is Colossians 4:6 as we think of the last part of the Pray, Play, Say model.

‘Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.’

Before we get started let’s remind ourselves of a few facts of the book of Colossians.

Written by? (Clue: Colossians 1:1)

Written to? (Clue: Colossians 1:2)

Written why? (Clue: Colossians 2:4,8)

So when Paul, in chapter 4 verse 6 says let ‘your’ conversation be always full of grace, who is he speaking to?

Now it’s interesting that we’re talking about the ‘say’ aspect of PLAY, PRAY, SAY. Paul is clearly stating that everyone is in the same boat. This is not a task for a special, more confident group of Christians. This is for every Christian. Paul encourages every Christian to be REAL, RELATIONAL and READY.

What do we mean by these three words?


From verse 6 how would you describe Paul’s instructions about how your ‘say’ with friends should go?

Circle one:

Paul says that the times you get to talk about Jesus will flow out of your natural conversations with friends as long as your chat is different.


Paul gives the Colossian Christians two ingredients that must be included in everyday conversation. What are they?

What do you think ‘always full of grace’ looks like?

What might ‘seasoned with salt’ mean in your daily conversations?


What is Paul saying should flow out of every day conversations?

How ready do you feel to answer your friends’ questions?

4. Go, go, go

So we need to be real, relational and ready!

Real – By letting our natural conversation prompt people to see a difference.

Relational – Our conversation with friends should not be forced or with an agenda to always twist it round to talking about Jesus. A true relationship will always be based on authentic two way chat which will often include talking about Jesus.

Ready – If our conversation is real and relational you can be sure that your friends will start questioning your beliefs. Will you be ready to chat naturally about the faith that you have?

5. Role play time

We conducted a survey with 50 Pray, Play, Say-ers to come up with the 8 most frequently asked questions about the Christian faith.

With a friend, take it in turns to practise answering these 8 questions which we have listed below.  Don’t give up until you are satisfied with your answer and are READY to have an answer for everyone!

Why does a good God allow suffering?
Can you prove to me that there is a God?
What about other religions?
What happens after death?
What makes someone a Christian/how did you become one?
How can you trust the Bible?
What relevance do God/the Bible/Christianity have on my life?
Creation versus Evolution

Hopefully you’ve had a good a crack at answering some of those. How many times did you mention Jesus? It is a great temptation to answer these questions without ever mentioning the reason why we can even answer them – which is of course Jesus. If you have time, try to answer a few of them by linking in the work of Jesus on the cross.

6. Pray

Pray for your 3 friends – that you might get an opportunity to speak of Jesus with them this week.

This study was taken from Pray Play Say The Youth Way
Download the rest of the workbook here for free.

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