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How can I talk about Jesus with my teammates?

Date posted: 30/03/16



Some people love to chat, whilst others are naturally a bit quieter. A few people struggle to stop talking, while others struggle even to speak up at all!

We’re all wired up a little bit differently but every Christian, regardless of their personality, will know that mixture of exhilaration and terror when it comes to speaking about our wonderful Saviour.

There are a whole load of different reasons for this and often one of the biggest difficulties we face is finding the opportunity to speak about our faith – it just doesn’t seem to come up as a topic of conversation! And so it leads us to ask ourselves, “How am I meant to share the good news about Jesus when I never get to talk about Him?”
Here are just four thoughts to help you think through what it might look like for you to speak the message of Christ today.

1. Just be normal

What should set us apart is that we're so much better than anyone else at being normal. If you are going to speak out about Christ, you better get a grip on the fact that you should enter normal conversations like a normal person because Jesus is the Lord of the Harvest, he’s in charge of the harvest field, you’re not the one who’s going to save anyone, but you have a role to play! So what do you do? Well just talk normally to start with and trust Christ!

Watch this short clip from Clubhouse Xtra 2015 as Graham Daniels calls us to 'just be normal' in our conversation.


2. Your Story // My Story // His Story

In normal human conversation, if you ask somebody a question and they answer you and then they ask you one back, what do you think they're doing? They want to have a chat don't they?!

And the chat in the changing room, in the bar or on the training field is always about what people have been up to or what their plans are and it naturally involves asking questions and talking about each others' lives and finding out about each others' 'stories'. It's just what happens isn't it?!

So, let's just have normal conversations with people in which we ask about “your story”, talk about “my story” and then when we've got a chance, link "my story" to Jesus and share something of "His story".


For example, let's see how the conversation goes when John, a parent and coach of the Under 15s rugby team at the club and Harry, a fellow coach of the Under 15s team and player for the 1st XV meet up at the club for their Under 15s team training:

How can I practically talk about Jesus?

John: "Hey Harry! How are you doing? How did you get on at the weekend?"

Harry: "Hi John. Ye I'm alright thanks mate, although I picked up a bit of a knock on Saturday. And the rest of the team didn't fare much better either - we lost 21-6 in the end. How about you? How did the boys get on?"

John: "Oh no, that's not good! Hopefully you're not out for too long! Ye, they did well and ground out a hard-fought victory in very wet and windy conditions. Patrick made all his conversions and then ran in a try in the corner in the dying seconds to win 35-28. What else did you get up to at the weekend? Anything nice?"

Harry: "Well, hopefully it's just a knock and I'll be back for next week - we've got top of the league, so I don't want to miss it if I can avoid it! Wow - good on Patrick, he seems to be playing well at the moment. Saturday evening, I went back to the club and had a curry with the others, then on Sunday I went with my family to church..."


3. Jesus + a Question

Following on from mentioning something of "His story" in normal conversation, one tactic to do exactly that is to name Jesus as soon as you can in the conversation and to then follow it up with a question. You see, it puts the ball back in their court, so they can take the conversation where they want.

Some of your friends will want to engage with you and take the conversation further. This presents you with a great opportunity to share something of 'His story' in a really natural way. But, don't feel like you have to get the whole Gospel message in the conversation. See Example 1 of Harry and John's conversation below.

However, the reality of it is, that some of your friends won't really know how to respond and will try to move the conversation on as quickly as possible. And, let's be honest, this is an entirely normal response. And so when this situation arises, the call to 'just be normal' and to move the conversation on really comes in to play. See Example 2 of Harry and John's conversation below.


Harry and John's conversation continued, Example 1:

Harry: "...then on Sunday I went with my family to church and I really enjoyed it - there was a great talk about Jesus. Have you been to a church before?”

John: "Ye I have, but only when I was younger - it was a bit boring to be honest with you. Why do you ask? Why do you go to church? Do you not find it boring?"

Harry: "Ye I do go as often as I can with some of my mates. A couple of the boys from the 1st XV have come in the last few weeks too. I don't find it boring because there's loads of really good music to listen and sing to, my mates and I get a chance to read the Bible and chat about what it means. And it also really helps me to think through why I play my rugby and how God wants me to act when I play."

John: "What do you mean? How can church help you to think about why and how you play your rugby?"

Harry: "Good question! You wouldn't have thought church would do that, hey?! But, basically it helps to remind me that my gifts and abilities to play rugby are from God because he made me and loves me and cares for me. And because of this, I want play in a way that makes God pleased - I want to use my ability to play rugby to worship Him."

John: "I've never heard that before. I just thought church was boring and about following rules! Anyway Harry, I'd better go and put these cones out for our session."

Harry: "Ok mate. I'll go and fill the water bottles up and grab the bibs. See you out there in a bit."


Harry and John's conversation continued, Example 2:

Harry: "...then on Sunday I went with my family to church and I really enjoyed it - there was a great talk about Jesus. Have you been to a church before?”

John: "Ye I have, but only when I was younger - it was a bit boring to be honest with you. Anyway, I need to set up our training session Harry - would you mind getting the bibs and filling up the water bottles before the rest of the boys come?"

Harry: "Sure, no problem. I'll catch you on the pitch in a bit."


Watch this short clip from Clubhouse Xtra 2015 as Graham Daniels shares how 'Jesus + a question' can be a great way to naturally engage your friends with the Gospel.


4. Remember Jesus is with you

When we speak about Jesus, remember that you are not doing it alone – ultimately He knows exactly what is happening and He is with you by His Holy Spirit as He promised.

Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples... And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20


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