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Bible Study: The red card

Date posted: 29/11/16


Think of a game you’ve been involved in when the referee hasn’t penalised fouls/penalties (be careful not to get into just having a go at the referee). What was the impact on you and the game?


As sportspeople, our relationship with referees is mixed. On one hand we want them to punish fouls, otherwise we get annoyed at the injustice and the game quickly falls apart, but on the other hand when we get penalised we are often the first to moan and plead our innocence.



Ephesians 2: 1-3



Look at the verses. How does Paul describe the consequences of our sin and disobedience?



Hardly anyone facing punishment accepts it as just - it is part of our human nature to be biased in our own favour. But think about what a horrible thing it would be if there were no justice in the world.


God takes no delight in punishing anyone, but if He is to be just He must do it. But thanks be to God that He offers us mercy and forgiveness in Jesus Christ, so that no one has to face his judgement if they will trust in Christ.



The good news about Jesus Christ only makes sense if people grasp the bad news of sin and judgement.

Do a quick role play: Each of you take turns in pairs responding to the question - “I’m a good person aren’t I, surely if there’s a god, he would accept me.”

(No more than 2 minutes per answer!)



Praise God for His justice and ask Him to give you confidence as you graciously try to talk to your team/club mates about these hard truths.


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