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Bible Study: Back in the game

Date posted: 29/11/16


How would your friends who don’t know Christ complete the following phrase, “If there’s a God, he would accept me because of... “


In 'The Red Card', we saw that having failed God’s spiritual fitness test, we are shown the red card. Fortunately that’s not the end of the story



Ephesians 2:4-5, 8-9



How do these verses emphasise that salvation is all about what God does for us and not at all about what we do for God?


It’s tough for us as sportspeople to accept that when it comes to salvation it’s not about our performance. We’re so used to life being dependent on our abilities and what we achieve that deep down we struggle to change this mindset.



What are the subtle ways that you still act as though you contributed to your salvation? Deep down do you perhaps think that God chose you because you’re not such a bad person?


Notice in these verses that we do not do anything except respond with faith. It is God in His love and mercy who makes us alive in Christ and saves us when we were lost. As someone has said, “we add nothing to our salvation but our sin”.

How does this salvation happen? It is ‘with Christ’ (v5), because it depends on what He has done. He lived the life we should live, and dies the death we deserve to die, so that if we are ‘with Him’ we can know life and God’s mercy. 



In pairs, practice with one of you pretending not to be a Christian and so asking the question and the other of you responding.

When you have done this (no longer than 2 minutes) then swap round.

Opening question: “I don’t understand why Christians are so arrogant as to think that they are going to heaven. Isn’t it more humble to say that you don’t know?”



Praise God for His love and mercy. Ask Him to help you to live and speak in distinctive ways because of what He has done for you.


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