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Bible Study: Our response

Date posted: 29/11/16


What does our culture think ‘faith’ is? What about your friends: what do they think ‘faith’ is?


There’s a common idea today that faith is the opposite of thinking; often faith is defined as something like ‘believing in spite of evidence to the contrary’. However, this is not the meaning of faith in the Bible. In the New Testament the Greek verb for faith was sometimes used in the law courts where it meant to respond to evidence.



Mark 1:14-15


What does Jesus call people to belief in?

Jesus calls us to faith ‘in the good news’, that means that we are to trust that what God has revealed to us about what He has done through His Son Jesus Christ is true and trustworthy.

Many people today think of faith as a kind of lifestyle choice. Sometimes people say ‘it’s good you have faith’ (a bit like ‘it’s good that you play sport/go to the cinema/do yoga’). How does Jesus’ command to ‘repent and believe the good news’ challenge this view?


As we witness to those we play sport with, we of course want to seek to answer their questions and to help them evaluate the evidence for Christianity. But all the time we need to be aware that Jesus is Lord of all and so he doesn’t ‘invite’ people to follow him, rather he commands everyone to repent and believe the Gospel.



Turn to Mark 8:34-35 and in groups discuss how this helps you understand what it means to repent and believe the Gospel.


Leading someone to Christ

As we pray for those we play sport with, our longing is that as God works by His Holy Spirit they will want to put their trust in Christ. But how do you help someone to do this for the first time?

A way of thinking about it is that it is as easy as ABCD:

A - accept that you have rejected God and deserve nothing but his judgement

B - believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection are the only way you can be made right with God

C - consider the cost of following Jesus; it means denying yourself and living for Christ, not yourself

D - If you agree with A, B and C then do it. The best way to do this is to pray through the three previous points.



In pairs role play leading each other to Christ - run through ABC and then do D by offering to lead the person in a prayer. 


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