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Podcast: Danno meets... Val Gin

Date posted: 05/05/17



We move into the world of coaching for our latest podcast as Danno crosses the Pond to meet Val Gin. A professor of kinesiology at Gordon College, Massachusetts, Val was a successful women’s volleyball and softball coach for 13 years before changing her focus to training coaches of the future. Val’s Christian faith is integral to this work as she seeks to combine physical training and training in godliness with those she mentors.

She is also the co-author of the novel When Girls Became Lions which looks at the legacy of Title IX – a famous 1972 US law. This gave girls the same education opportunities as boys and was crucial in opening up the world of sport to them. You can buy a copy of the book here. A beneficiary of Title IX as a young volleyball player, Val tells Danno there is still more to be done to make sport a level playing field regardless of gender.

From childhood, sport and faith have been a huge part of Val’s life. She said: “Early on, I knew that God shaped me and formed me in my mother’s womb. I happened to be a competitive person, wired for sport and always have been since day one.” Val is now looking to use the role God has given her to make an impact for His kingdom. What she says will have particular resonance with sportswomen and coaches, but will challenge us all.

Listen to this fascinating podcast as Val talks about:

- Her struggle to convince publishers that a book on women’s sport would sell 

- Her own experience as a young volleyballer having to play second fiddle to the men’s teams

- The importance of being ‘at your best’ in how you play and coach

- God’s call for her to mentor coaches

- Having joy in her work and witnessing to other coaches

- What it looks like to be a Christian coach

- How we can love our opponents

- The challenge to make coaching not simply about winning

- Her vision to spread God’s kingdom

And much more…


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